Aborted common sense

Of all the things that Americans are obsessed with (guns, the Dow, Scarlett Johansson), nothing leaves me scratching my head in utter confusion more than abortion. What is it that motivates the political and Christian right to march and shout and pray and bomb over the subject of what another woman does with the contents of her uterus—more than 30 years after it was declared legal for a woman to abort her pregnancy?

This is the danger of blind religious self-delusion. These self-appointed crusaders are so concerned with seeing themselves as warriors for Heaven that they have forgotten that their self-righteous behavior has consequences for people living here on earth. Have they ever experienced an unwanted pregnancy? There are too many children already being born into this overpopulated and underfed world. Why would we want more, especially if they are unwanted and growing up in environments of poverty, violence and drug abuse.

All you churchgoers out there please go to church. Believe in what you like. Pray to Jesus or Allah or Thor or Sauron if it floats your boat. But don’t take what YOU think YOUR God wants and ram it down everyone else’s throat. Because (and I really hope you’ll write this down), just because you believe in something doesn’t make it real.

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