Amazing Ella

Age really is about how you feel, not the number on the calendar. Exhibit A: Ella. As you can see, she turned 90 in style. She danced for 20 minutes to a bagpiper and had the time of her life. She wound up telling everyone that this was THE BEST party and birthday she’d ever had.

People say that when we get old we have nothing to look forward to. Bollocks. Ella was proof that old age can be embraced and enjoyed just as much as any other time of life. It’s all about your state of mind; you can choose to act old or choose to act young. Ella died this year at nearly 92 years old, but she went out in style and with a bang. There was no keeping her down. The proof of that could be found in her incredible circle of friends, with whom I would dine once a month. I called them “my posse.”

Rosemary is 88, walks her dog five miles every day and goes on holidays to the UK, Australia and other points on the globe twice a year at least. Ester is the only 94-year-old (and one of the few people of any age) I have ever met who can put both legs behind her head in a yoga position called Dwi Pada Sirsasana. She also travels regularly and until this past month, lived comfortably on her own. At 91, Joan is an incredible artist, with eyes of a hawk and the mind of a twentysomething.

Together, these amazing women are living proof that while aging is mandatory, growing old is optional. They remain friends to this day…and between them, they have amassed eight husbands, all deceased. You can’t blame the poor guys. Trying to keep up with their fabulous wives is probably what did them in.

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