How about a ban on fat slobs who eat whole pizzas?

Sometimes, the comedy about America writes itself. The latest gem comes from the epicenter of American crazy, New York. After seeing a report that 58% of New Yorkers are obese or overweight, mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed banning super-sized sugary soft drinks.

Pardon me, but WTF? Mister Mayor, have you ever taken a walk in the city you govern?  Every second store front is a food shop. There is more food in Manhattan than in the whole of Ethiopia and Sudan combined. On a daily basis, New Yorkers are surrounded by the call to buy food, the temptation to consume food and the knowledge that food is affordable and available. Just the continual aroma in the streets of New York (and I’m not referring to that ever-present urine stench or the ganja smell that wafts from approximately 30% of the cab drivers) is enough to drive anyone to eat five burgers, three portions of fried chicken and two large filet mignons at one sitting.

Don’t get me wrong; there is some incredible food to be had in the Big Apple, but common sense seems to have taken a vacation here. Mayor Bloomberg, soft drinks are not the issue. You cannot legislate morality, something politicians never seem to learn. The problem is the American way of life: hurrying from place to place, wolfing down convenience food as fast as your gullets will process it, sitting on your backsides watching reality TV about people who are as thin and healthy as you SHOULD be. That’s the problem. Stop pushing New York to be bigger, better and greedier than anyone else on the planet and maybe you’ll have something.

The way I see it, Hizzoner should be touting this latest news. At only 58% overweight or obese, New York is actually doing a lot better than most of the rest of America. Let’s hear the cheer, people. “Yes we can (get a coronary bypass)!”

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