Prayer, a poem by Alan Zoltie

I was talking with God the other day

Pleasant conversation really

Nothing untoward and no bad language

Regular meetings had become infrequent

My journey in life taking a new direction

He seemed pleased that I had returned

Smiling as we spoke, but really enthralled

My faith had been failing for some time

Like others surrounding me, I was skeptical

Firmly believing in his presence for many years

Captivated by the beauty bestowed in every day life

Yet he had failed to treat his creation with respect

Parting company and vanishing for thousands of years

Perhaps on a mission in the galaxy to better this attempt

I was talking to God one on one

No fear and nothing to hide, certain he would listen

“God” I uttered with trepidation but also with respect

“What have you become and why am I here?”

He responded with much love and patience

Promising that he had never left any of his flock

Assuring in his care and attention for all who believed

Although faith had dwindled, my hope was genuine

Knowing that his existence was in my very soul

Needing to return to the upbringing I thrived upon

Neglecting these little contra taunts lessened my spirit

Advice from above that was bettered by no single being

Past discrepancies erased in moments through forgiveness

My salvation in his capable hands once more

I was talking to God the other day

My prayers answered with love.

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