Springtime footsteps, a poem by Alan Zoltie

Footsteps of springtime treading slowly into summer’s gaze

Careful to remain vigilant as they descend quietly towards certain transition

Fulfillment, visible on every dewy wet petal, and solid green leaf

Moving gently against a semi-warm breeze that delights even cantankerous

Reaching blindly with a nose that can only smell jasmine and nectar

Pure genius, this elixir scent, a concoction of hope and majesty

Running shivers through a spine, which desires more, so much more, of the same

Leaving an echo inside a head filled with the anxiety of never-ending joy

Wondrous are those machine gun chirps, which fall silent upon passing

Frightened away and then recalled, as if by magic

Confirmation that mating season is closely followed by tiny additions

Lined up, all willing to learn, as a dust cloud created by family life, wanders by

Newness, freshness, calming influences, nature’s aspiration to be wanted once again

A cornucopia of magnificence, wrapped up in appreciation

Arriving, as it always does, as if by magic, just for the briefest of moments

Soon to be superseded by the longest of days and a lazy desire to be at peace one more time

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