Fat City, a poem by Alan Zoltie

In a city made of fat lies paradise

An oasis for those who cannot stop

Lined up one by one in search of more

Non stop frenzy on their way to obesity

Longing for one thing only, food

Supplied by an effort in happiness

Mentors, unknown, bringing fuel

Stuffed into every corner of availability

Encouragement for a habit that never dies

Purposely leaving no crumb unturned

From young to old, this is no habit

Disease, spread wide by ignorance

Pouring weight on shoulders of the weary

Unable to digest their issues

Left to grow in the wrong direction

Filled and then refueled and then set loose

Ready to repeat this process with little conscience

Drugged up by an elixir of abundance

Famine, a word unavailable in their dictionary of life

Termination of this disorder, impossible

No one moment to define this embarrassment

Little chance of any reprieve

Clones, fat ones, there for the world to stare at

Shameful in their inability to control addiction

Lost and never to return the land of normality or common sense

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