Time To Reflect In A Leafy Lane









Sitting behind the wheel

My German chariot sliver and gleaming

Silence comes from the horses

Time for reflection as the waiting continues


Thoughts inspired by two novels

Death and travel stimulating the cranium

Longing for life

Dreaming of Scotland


Too long has it been

Meandering burns and roads synchronized in every turn

Hills begging to be looked at and climbed

Poor weather increasing fascination and appreciation


In a past decade

Splendor and beauty taken for granted

Traveling coast to coast

Rushing to be back in a city of industry


Missed opportunities

Now a heart felt anguish

Return to the roots of upbringing

The desire for travel to Scotland


The heather and its pungent bouquet

Smelling the delicate fresh air

Abundant scenery wetting the traveling taste buds

Friendliness and warmth like nowhere on earth


This leafy lane where I sit

Reminding me of the peace and tranquility

Highlands surrounded by sparkling blue waters

Forests filled with protected wildlife


My mind full of the past

Brought there as I think of the future

How life changed for my siblings and me

Six thousand miles away from my thoughts and my past.

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