Andy Murray

The hardest thing to do is to stand up and be counted when you are just not good enough to win when it counts. Andy Murray did that today at Wimbledon. It takes guts to have the pressure of a nation on your tail with such expectancy, and then to come up short and to have to face the cameras. Well, that takes more than just courage. Congrats Andy, a true sportsman!

2 thoughts on “Andy Murray

  1. Well said. Great example of someone who loves his sport and the fans. He may not have won but he certainly did not lose either.

  2. I was routing for Andy Murray despite my fondness for Roger Federer. I think if Andy Murray showed his “human/humble-non-arrogant” side more often, he’d have the adoration of the tennis world.

    But, routing for Murray over Federer had some patriotic roots as well, for me. It might sound dumb, but with the Olympics coming, and preparing to cheer on my country men and women, I thought about how England/UK has always been a steadfast ally of the United States. Never wavering their support, when the rest of the world would turn the other way and criticize us. So, with no Americans (per usual) in the Wimbledon final, I found myself hoping beyond hope that Murray could pull a rabbit out of the hat. He came close, and after watching him, I have a new found respect for the man.

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