An Even More Exclusive Club

Well today was a milestone. I thought it would make interesting reading to all of you who followed and sent comments on my blog Exclusive Club, about the use of ‘Club” cards in supermarkets. Safeway, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to change their system! Hallelujah I hear you say? Well, not so fast. Here’s the new deal. If you have visited Safeway in the last 48 hours, you’ll see a desk as you walk in the door, manned by a Safeway employee. They ask you if you’d like to save an extra 10 to 20% on your shopping bill, and who wouldn’t? I sat down, went on line with the lady and instantly signed up, and that’s where the fun began. After you create an account, you are guided to another screen on the computer, that screen informs you what items you can save money on today and only today. So, if you want to buy eggs, and eggs is on offer, you click the icon for eggs and when you purchase the eggs in store and advance to the check out counter, you then scan your club card and the eggs are discounted on your bill. Make sense?  This is ridiculous, absurd, just plain stupid and all of the above. So, for signing up on line, I now do all the work for them? But there is good news! Yes, if you have a smart phone, and most of us do, then you can download the App. Once the App is installed, you can browse their in store deals while you shop, checking off everything you want, and by the time you reach the check out, BINGO, it’s already on your club card, which you still need to scan and double check to make sure it worked correctly. Insanity! Just give me the best price for each item I am buying and cut out all this crap please Mr. Safeway!!! Who dreams up this nonsense? Whoever it is has never been shopping in their entire life. I want to save money, not waste time. There are enough Apps out there to sink a battleship, so why do we need another one that makes us use our phone more than we should ever have to? Let’s simplify and not complicate this process. I want to walk into Safeway, buy my can of soup and know, there and then, that the $2.78 that I pay for it cannot be beaten by any other store in the area, and if it is, then more fool me for not shopping round. Someone needs a reality check here, and I don’t believe that saving 2 cents here and there is worthy of a computer lesson or yet another day surfing the internet in search of a Safeway bargin.

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