Scottish Lament

Over a mountain then an ocean lies my heart

Torn between old and new

Gushing for just one more look

A Scottish lament, filling a tormented backbone

Seeing once again, joy, passion and perhaps that final meeting place

Wrapped up inside confusion

Spilling endlessly into a fever that rarely dies


From here, the view is blurred by success

Meaningless eventually, as it is to all

Self righteous path, taken in the hope of glory

Coming home to roost once glory becomes a hapless bind

Limiting reality and memory of solid roots

Cast aside as progress overcomes all sense of belonging

Finally arriving at the forefront of importance through loneliness


Capturing images of a life in a different world

Playing havoc inside a mind filled with solid recollection

Grass, greener, though distinctly brown

Cut down by some who say that this place is forever

Blowing into a wind that created flight to a distant pasture

Resting place for today and not tomorrow

Home, a new one, one that shall remain through thick and thin



© Alan Zoltie

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