McDonalds In Yellow

Sitting in front of her unusual companion, slumped, miserable, but full

Accompanied by a carton, always fulfilling, though foreign

Unsure just how to begin, alone, in this, a strange world she now explores

Bite by bite, a changing diet that will do her no good at all

Ignited by a will to be accepted in a world controlled by advertising

The ‘in’ crowd, saturating a small part of a culture in full change

Opposite, in a corner alone, they hold hands and smile out loud

Captivating conversation, great times and memories of life to come

Eating merrily, stuffing common and familiar calories into their usual diet

Knowing that this, was their place, a place to come and a place to be seen

Opposites of sorts, to a past, which they never controlled

Sandwiched in the middle of a culture in the midst of complete change

And then he walked in, filled with bravado and a confidence found only in movies

Searching angrily until his desires were completely satisfied

A gunslinger, propping up a saloon with no liquor, money at the ready

Homing in on his posse, a group, ready and waiting to be led

All similar, all passionate and all part of a sad reflection

That chase, about to commence, right to the bitter end of colorful straws

This, was McDonalds, though not in white, in yellow, and in full swing

Carving up the cravings of a nation filled by a sense of belonging

Just one of thousands, placed handily for tens of millions

A learning curve of Western culture, for those innocents from the East

Goodness, now a thing of their past, though hidden amongst a present want

Stuffed right in the face of complete change, change that will never do any good

© Alan Zoltie

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