Hands Off, I’m a Cop!

Driving into work this morning, I was passed on the freeway by a cop, doing over 70MPH , talking on his cell phone! I was amazed, though not surprised, by his audacity, and I am determined to find out why he, and the many other officers I have witnessed doing exactly the same thing, believe that they are above the law? They sem to do whatever they want and no one seems to be doing anything to stop them. A few months ago my business partner was pulled over for just checking the time on her cell phone. The cop insisted she was talking, she wasn’t, but he was only interested in writing the ticket and collecting the cash, which she paid, reluctantly. My web designer E, had the same experience, only he went to court. When he got there he produced his phone records for the date and time he was stopped, showing clearly he never made any calls. Since he was given a ticket for talking on the phone, even though he was only checking the time on his cell, the judge let him off and the cop ate humble pie.Now I know there are hundreds of thousands of us, who each day flaunt this law. I see them with my own eyes, and I think it’s crazy that I drive past so many people who are trying to text whilst driving, are having a conversation on their phone whilst driving and sometimes are even checking data, like baseball and football scores or updating the value of their stock portfolios. We all do it, don’t deny it, but does it really make sense? Probably not, that’s why there is a very distinct rule “No Texting No Calling” while driving. My bluetooth is fantastic, it works like a charm, and I never have to touch my cell phone. I push a button and talk and technology does what it’s supposed to do, seamlessly!  So, the question now becomes, how do we stop the cops before they stop us?  Why don’t they have bluetooth in their cars? They have guns and computers, so why not hands free? Do they just enjoy the privilege of doing what we are banned from doing, just because they wear a uniform? I don’t think so. It would be interesting to hear from you, the general public, what you think and how you think we can put an end to these quite obvious double standards. It would also be wonderful to get feedback from any Police officer reading this blog, to let us know why they believe they should be allow to talk whilst driving when we are not. Is there anyone out there who has had the same experience as my two friends and written a check for the $180, or even often more if you repeatedly offend? Let me know, let me have your thoughts, leave a comment.

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