Not Live

NBC you’re killing me, not showing live, what is for free

Tape delayed and six hours late, not just here but in every State

This is not what sport is for, higher figures in a ratings war

Events from half a world away, not tonight, and yes please today

With all our athletes and gold’s for sure, keep it simple and keep it pure

Viewing as those medals mount, able to watch and able to count

Crossing lines, you’ve left me numb, who made this happen was surely dumb

Now with fingers crossed I wait, the Internet my only escape

Once every four years all we do is wait, you tempt us with ads as continual bait

Saying for sure we can watch it now, lying through your teeth then taking a bow

I fear for you, you are out of order, nothing but classless cannon fodder

Might as well just watch the Simpsons, at least old Fox still makes a difference

© Alan Zoltie

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