It’s Good To Be Wrong, Sometimes!

Well I said he’s never win anything, and so did most of his critics, but today, Andy Murray proved us all wrong. Playing unbelievable tennis, and destroying Federer in straight sets, Andy Murray claimed gold for team GB in the Olympics at Wimbledon. I really don’t believe tennis should be an olympic sport, and I honestly think that this could be  seen for more than it really is, but lets hope it’s a stepping stone for Murray to overcome that Major drought, and for him to gain the recognition all his hard work truly deserves.

Well done Andy!

From side to side and top to bottom

Small fractions that determine pure skill

An ace in the hole, setting out a positive stance

Making haste for gold, on this, a Sunday for all Great Britons


Andy Murray, well done, well played, well thank goodness

Out of sight, those unbearable losses, though never out of mind

Today, a man was born from within a frightened boy

Heralding a new era, we hope, the arrival of a different king


© Alan Zoltie


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