Syria, A Government Filled With Animals

How can you kill your own people? They said that in 1939, and probably every before and every year since then. We know, it’s been going on for centuries, all over the planet, but look at us, it’s 2012, haven’t we learned anything? The only thing that history seems to teach us, is that we learn nothing from history itself. The Nazis, the Tutsi and the Hutu, the Serbs and the Coats, the Sudanese, north and south, and even here in the USA, all the gangs, all the drug related murders, all in our own backyard and all, an absolute form of ethnic cleansing. Obama will not assist,nor will the other leaders of prominent nations, either in Syria, or at home, in fact, what president has ever assisted, anywhere?? In Nazi Germany, it was all too late, in Croatia and Bosnia, all too late, and now, as Assad is killing his own, it is all too late. We, the USA, are capable of stopping this. as are the EU and the rest of the globe, but instead, we just sit back and watch it all play out on our TV sets, like a video game on X Box. I know we all care, but obviously not enough, and in our blinkered approach to life, seen always through the Dow Jones average and it’s lack of performance or visa versa, is there anyone out there, other than the obvious few, who are prepared to put a halt to all this nonsense?

I have been asked for many years, not only in this country, but everywhere I’ve traveled, do you believe in Jesus? My answer, and it’s always remained the same, with a straight face and no intention of disrespecting anyone who does, “I’m sorry, I just never had the opportunity to meet him!” And with all the fighting, killing and destruction that still goes on day to day, country to country, do I have any reason to believe? What I do believe in, is our ability, as human beings to put a stop to it, and stop it now. Surely we have the wherewithal and the intention and the mental capacity to realize that killing one another is wrong? What makes my point of view worth of a bullet in the head from someone with another point of view? It’s ludicrous that we have so many cultures, factions, Gods, and Idols, and yet, not one person, not one single human being had ever died outside of our atmosphere, and this, after thousands of years and billions of humans have come and gone, all in the name of peace, war and different beliefs. This is why Alepo, in Syria, is again, another perfect example of a complete waste of life, just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and like all wars before and in the unknown future. Can’t someone, anyone, other than me see this? Sure, there are pacifists, anti war campaigners, politicians, and general do gooders, but, if Jesus really existed, or God has a say, why doesn’t he, she or it, come down from the sky, up from the ground, or fly in with the wind and say “ENOUGH!” I am no atheist, and I’m not agnostic, but I am a humanitarian and right now with all these people suffering, innocent people, we need to help. We all need to help. The thing is, what can we do? It’s always the same issue. We all feel bad, we feel empowered, but, at the end of the day, what can we, as normal everyday people, do to stop a world conflict in a country far away from our shores.

Well, we could start by realizing that we do have the power, people power. Just like in Libia, Egypt and other countries, we could stand up and beg for our government to get involved. I’m fed up with excuses. The Russins don’t want this, the Chinese would prefer that. Well what about all their citizens, more to the point what about all our citizens? What do we want? I had no intention pf preaching to anyone in the choir when I began to write this article and I apologize if it comes across as pulpit type BS, but someone has to take a stand, we all have a responsibility to those kids who are dying unnecessarily around the globe every day, whether it be from war, famine, neglect or just plain ignorance. Lets begin now with a campaign to stop all suffering. It has to come from us, the people, and not from them, the greedy, the powerful, the politicians. We are surely the only one’s who matter and the only one’s who are left with any common sense. Let’s use it!

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