No Email Fridays

Do you remember when casual Fridays became all the rage? I don’t. In the UK, shirt, suite and tie, every day, was normal. When I came here, to CA, casual Fridays was quite foreign to me.

Now, the new rage, and this is something some of my clients are trying out in an effort to improve internal communication, is no email Fridays. Most of the companies I deal with who are spearheading this trial have found a new device that seems to be much better for resolving communication issues. It’s called a telephone!

Pick up the damn phone, stop texting, stop emailing and TALK to one another! It’s easier, and I promise you will resolve more with one five minute conversation on the phone than you ever will with twenty senseless and meaningless emails back and forth over a period of hours.

Try it today. Put those fingers away for a few hours and call someone. Converse one on one, don’t hide behind empty words or the premise that you are too busy to talk. Oh, and by the way, if it helps and you find you have discovered the new you, text or email me and let me know!


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