Out Of Gas

I have two gas stations round the corner from my home. One is situated about 300 yards from the other. The first one offers gas at 24 cents a gallon less than the second, both are national brands with nice forecourts, shiny new pumps, and a snack shop. So, my question is, with both situated on the same side of the street, why would anyone even consider going into the more expensive gas station and paying on average, $5 more per fill up? But yet, the more expensive of the two always has customers filling up, jast as the cheaper one does. So, with that in mind, my only conclusion is, no one gives a flying fuck what they pay for gas, they just drive in the first station they see, when need requires, fill up and bugger off back onto road from where they came. This type of behavior seems indicative of the American way of life. We Scots are much more canny, ( another word for cheap bastards!), and if the same situation arose in Glasgow, we would all be lining up outside the cheapest place, gas tanks open, money at the ready, 5 hours before opening time, just in case the owner decided to change his mind and put an extra penny on a liter before closing for the night.

With gas prices going up and down, more up than down for sure, why do we, as a population, support those who want to price gouge? It’s silly, drive 300 yards and save money. A bit like searching for a parking spot right at the door of your destination. Nothing riles me up more than when I go to my local gym and there are men and women alike sitting waiting for a parking spot as close to the entrance as humanly possible! It’s a fucking gym, geez!!! Park anywhere and walk! They insist on fighting with one another as they vie for position. Get on your two feet, the same two you came there to exercise, and walk!!! Shopping malls present a similar dilema for all you lazy Americans. You are there to shop, not fight for parking spots, and the number of battles I have personally witnessed over who got to that particular spot first, well, it begs a sanity and reality check every time.

Have we just become accustomed to accepting the $6 bottle of water at the movie, the $12 beer at the football game and the 10% sales tax we have to pay on every purchase we make? Isn’t there anyone with vision out there who can rally the troops, the troops being each and everyone of us, the people, who can stop this deplorable desire to price gouge the poor and middle class? Why do we all put up with it? Why? I for one never buy anything in a cinema, or a football game. I rarely and I rarely go to any event that entails spending over the odds for a ticket on sites like Stub Hub. People love to make money, people love to attend events, people love to make money from anyone who cares to attend and event, but there has to be some common sense that eventually sinks into an audience, who lets face it, is not made up solely of billionaires.

It comes down to laziness and an acceptance of the status quo, perhaps not even just in this country, but all over the world. Gas prices are outrageous anyway, why spend more unless you absolutely have to? It costs $40 to go to see a movie, and that’s just four tickets for the family, so why spend another $40 on popcorn?  Is it something that’s been ingrained in our physique since birth? Were we meant to be this stupid from the day we were born, or, as I have said many times, are we just plain lazy?  From parking spaces at the gym to paying $200 a month for a cell phone, it matters not and it will only get worse unless we, as a nation, adopt a different stance and step back to say, once and for all, NO. There are consumer groups out there who monitor this crap, so why don’t they do something, anything, to ensure fairness? I have said before in other posts, it’s not how you make a living, as long as you do make a living. I have no issue with anyone making profit, as long as it’s reasonable. Profiteering is disgusting, unwelcome and very un Scottish! Actually, I wonder if that’s something else the Scots invented??

2 thoughts on “Out Of Gas

  1. I can’t say I’m against companies earning profits, but your right about price gouging. I don’t often blame the companies however (unless they are using government regulations to force people to pay their outrageous prices).

    You have it right when you say we shouldn’t be spending more than we have to, and it’s up to us to not pay it. as long as we keep doing so, they will keep charging those prices. Can you blame them? Why lower the price if people are willing to pay it?

    What we need to do is educate people about finances, and start teaching that debt is bad. I believe it is the lack of financial knowledge (which is not taught in school) that is causing this mess. with people thinking debt is OK, it makes them feel like the prices don’t matter, and so they keep spending.

    • I completely agree. America runs on a fallacy that credit is good, which is completely wrong. I was always brought up with the philosophy, ‘if you don’t have it, don’t spend it!”

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