Lance Armstrong

Words fail me as to the stupidity of the USADA and their witch hunt against Lance Armstong, which has now, sadly, come to a conclusion.

Are these people idiots? Who are they? Let them come out of their closets and face the press, just like Lance has had to do for 15 years. let them take drug test after drug test, all negative, and let them fight for their jobs under the pretense that they are lying, dirty, and have never been caught. How would they react? I know Lance, I have met Lance, and I have worked with his team. Lance is perhaps the greatest athlete ever to have walked the planet. What are the USADA on? Perhaps it is them who are drugged up and delusional. What are they trying to achieve by continually badgering Lance Armstrong, a man who has done nothing but honor the United States of America, done wonders for those suffering from Cancer, and is, without doubt, a decent human being.

The USADA is full of PLONKERS. If you don’t know what a plonker is, then google it.

Enough said. I am off to ride 20 miles in his honor.

5 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong

  1. Good idea Alan. I’m going to wear yellow in support of Lance today. Nice to know the US government spends our money so wastefully …. idiots.

  2. Wait a minute. I thought he tested positive? Did he test negative? I have a hard time believing these people are all out to get Lance Armstrong. He must have done something to deserve this….

    • In actual fact he was tested positive in 1999 but never charged. The reason for his current situation is down to 10 former team mates, all who have similar drug related issues, telling the USada, that they witnessed Lance dopping and trafficking drugs. All very dubious.

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