What Have We Become


Copy and paste the link above into your browser. Read the article, a well written article, and then ask yourself. What have we become? Haves and have nots. Segregated for the sake of appearance. Ever been homeless? Ever been thrown out of your home? Ever had to eat someone else’s leftovers? Ever had to beg to survive? If you have ever had to do any of these things, then you will understand how pissed off I was when I read the article above. I’m hopeful none of the people at the convention in Tampa have had to do any of these things, because if they have and they are standing by watching this happen, they should be ashamed. We should all be ashamed. How can we treat, what are mostly good people, this way? This is America, this is not some third world tinpot country or indeed Russia under Stalin, this is America. For goodness sake people, take a stand, help those who have so little, because you have it all and none of you appreciate that fact.

What did the homeless man get for his birthday? NOTHING!

This is NO joke. The politicians are the joke. Sad to say, none of them are probably even aware of what’s going on outside of their own little bubble.

A homeless man walks up to Ann Romney and says

“Mrs Romney, I haven’t eaten a thing in three days”

Mrs Romney replies, “that’s incredible willpower sir!”

Again, are these people who are locked away in the convention center in Tampa, promising a NEW America, a different choice, a healthier economy, aware that the people who need them most and need them right now, have been herded like cattle to another part of the city so that they are no longer and eyesore?

Two starving men are walking through an alley when one of them sees a dead cat. He runs over, sits down and starts to eat the cat, tearing the meat from its limbs. He turns round to the other man and says, “Hey, I know you’re hungry, too. Why don’t you eat some of this cat? “No!” replies the second bum, “That cat’s been dead for days, he’s all stiff and cold and smelly!” The first man says, “Okay, suit yourself,” and continues to eat everything, skin, muscle, guts, all but the skeleton. A few hours later as they are walking down the street the first man says, “Oh, I don’t feel so good. I think there might have been something wrong with that cat.” And just then, he pukes up a huge puddle of rotten cat flesh and guts with stomach bile mixed in, all half digested and looking like mush. The second man sits down next to the puddle and says, “Now you’re talking! It’s been months since I had a WARM meal!”

So when was the last time YOU had a warm meal? Today? This morning? An hour ago? Spare a thought for those who cannot afford that luxury, EVER! Give up half an hour, go outside, find a homeless person and buy them a meal. Do it now, right now. The fact is, they are desperate, and you aren’t as desperate as them. Give up your own lunch and give it to them. You will be doing a good deed, no, a great deed, and your contribution to humanity will be 100 times more than those politicians in Tampa.

2 thoughts on “What Have We Become

  1. With all due respect. I believe you have completely misunderstood the content of that post. I in no way shape or form insinuated that this was the fault of any one part in particular. This is an ongoing situation that has no resolution is sight. As for those who make a living from being homeless, well, I totally agree, as I have mentioned in my earlier posts, BUT, that is a very small minority indeed compared with those who are genuinely homeless. When you and your family grew up in the 60’s/70’s things were different. There were fewer people, more jobs and far less red tape. Are you aware that if you are unfortunate enough to lose your home, you have to find another address, if you don’t then you cannot get a job, without a job, you have no possibility of getting a new home, however temporary. Have you ever tried being homeless? Why not try it, you’ll see how many people out there are living without hope, all desperate NOT to be homeless. And a lot of them are children. What I wrote has nothing to do with how I vote or my political beliefs. It has to do with solving the issue in the best way possible and as soon as possible and not ignoring it or sweeping the problem under a carpet..

    • Just ironic, I guess, that you chose the Republican Convention as did the article. And, no thank you. I will not be trying out the homeless stuff. Frankly, I would rather die than live like that. But I appreciate your 1-week insight and do feel, I do my part helping others. Sorry I misinterpreted your post. I am already tired of all the political posturing and finger pointing.

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