Clean Them Up

Clean them up, for we have no need for this disgrace

Put them away, far away, out of our sight

For they are parasites, and we are better than them

It’s an eyesore even for the best of us, so make it happen

One large room and just a little help, we think that should suffice

Feed them, make sure they are kept at a distance, their needs are not like ours

A scar on society, a holding cell should suffice

We need our space and cleanliness, and we need it now

Pristine, that’s the way politicians should be, from outside to in

No time for the superfluous desires of the unwanted

We employ people to make all this happen, and they do it seamlessly

They should get more, more than those who have nothing

Now that their disposal is arranged, we can carry on

Like it’s Christmas, every day a feast, unlimited and incredible

Who cares that we have it all, other than we, us, the only ones who matter

Sweep them all away, they are truly meaningless

© Alan Zoltie

One thought on “Clean Them Up

  1. Beautiful. When we lose our compassion for another human being, we lose our humanity. There’s always more that we have in common than that which we thinks makes us different.

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