God and Politics- Who Cares?

This November will see the first election that I am eligible to vote in, here in the USA. I became a citizen just after Obama was elected and to be perfectly frank, I am not looking forward to putting an X next to any of the candidates I’ve seen so far, either Romney, or Obama. Both do nothing to instil confidence in my belief that either can find a way out of the current mess in which we find ourselves. Both seem more interested in insulting one another than resolving any political issues that might be relevant and that might really matter to us, the American people. I cannot understand why they spend so much money or indeed are allowed to spend such huge sums of money, just to sling mud at one other, AND, who would be stupid enough to donate to a cause that would do such a thing? We are not talking pennies here, we are talking hunders of millions of dollars that could go towards the homeless, the poor, training schemes for the unemployed, and many other good causes, such as education, health etc. And yet, here we are again, all 300 million of us, resigned to another 3 months of back and forth bickering, insane and frivolous spending, just so we can watch one beat up on the other for the sake of their over inflated egos? Perhaps it is us, NO, wait, it MUST be us, common and garden every day men and women who are nuts. Why do we put up with all this crap? Why do we let these incompetent and often aging politicians get away with all this Bullshit? Isn’t it about time someone stood up and just told the plain truth? The truth being, we are in deep shit and the only way out is to stop spending? I realize it’s not quite that simple, but with so many factions on the right and left of our political landscape I fail to see how it’s going to be possible to cure any of our issues unless we find someone, somewhere, who believes in the truth and can stand up to all these cronies, letting them know, enough is enough. But, and it’s always a huge but, will it ever happen?

And then there’s God. We cannot ever forget God. What would politics in the USA be like without God? I dread to think. I cannot believe that in almost every debate, every admission, every denial and every newscast, God and politics are as one. It’s mind blowing. Who do these people think they are? Is their belief in God any stronger than mine or yours? Even if it is, do they have any right to insist that it is? Can they stand on their almighty pulpit of deception and claim to us, the population of the one time greatest country in the world, that they have every right to be elected just because they believe in God? Would anyone really care if they were atheist, Buddhist, or just plain agnostic? The problem is, they damn well would care, and that unfortunately my friends, is where all our problems originate from. The far right, the one’s who pray and then pretend to be do gooders whilst doing no good at all, and yes, they are in every religion, not just Christianity, making life impossible for ordinary every day people to succeed in politics. For some reason or other, these zealots have a stranglehold on this country, unlike any other faith, or organization or corporation in the history of politics. They scream at us from their high and mighty platforms that form the basis of their own existence, blatantly telling us that we, yes, we, normal citizens, should have no real say in what happens in any general election. They insist that they, and only they can have that special influence required to pass Go and collect the Presidency for their preferred candidate. Well who the hell are they, and more to the point, why do all politicians pander to their desires, their every whim?? Does anyone out there really care that Romney is a Mormon? Should they care? It was the same with Obama and all those bogus claims he was Muslim. So what? Does that mean Lieberman would never succeed because he’s Jewish? It’s beyond ridiculous and is plays right into the paranoia that has swept this country’s halls of power for the past 200 years or more.  If you are not a WASP then forget it, you don’t deserve to run. Well, that’s the way it seems to me, a complete outsider.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a speech given by any leading politician in this country that doesn’t end with God Bless America. Why would God only ever bless America? Why wouldn’t anyone with an interest in global welfare or indeed common decency or diplomacy, just end by saying, God bless all of this wonderful planet? I’ll tell you why. It’s because there seems to be an ingrained belief amongst those in power, and an absolute right that America is THE only country worth blessing. They cannot see past their own front door. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if instead of concentrating on politics and God, if someone actually stood up and said, “I am here for my people, not just my people, but all the people of the world, no matter who they are, where they live or what they believe in” Is that a naive viewpoint?  Yes, I’m sure it is. Would it work? Well we would never know until someone was brave enough to actually try it, would we? There is nothing funny about this post, well nothing so far, but what would be funny about another 50 years of the same old same old when it comes to elections? Nothing! In the UK, there is never any mention of God when a speech is delivered by a politician, same applies in almost every other civilized country on the planet, so what gives us the right to carry on the way we do, with all these superior notions that we are better than everyone else?

I personally do not care that Obama is black, Romney is Mormon and that Hillary is no longer a virgin. All I care about is that gas is $4 a gallon, tax is 50%, by the time you include sales tax, the FCC et al, and any other tax that they care to slap on us. I care that only 23% of Californians pay tax and it bugs me that the more I make the more they take. I am sick and tired of politicians telling me what to do, when they are exempt from everything they preach. Why do lobbyists even exist and who is funding them? When will we end all wars? Why do the innocent have to die because they cannot afford food or shelter? Most importantly, when will anyone with any power in the United States, take a stand and rid the country of these needless debates on God and every woman’s right to do with her body what she feels is correct. It’s gone on long enough, as I have said several times already today, lets find an alternative, an alternative that works, works effortlessly and works without all this crap that today’s power brokers seem to thrive on.

God bless everyone who agrees with me and everyone who doesn’t.

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