Murder Ball

Anyone out there know what Murder Ball is? Anyone out there know that the Paralymics are? Anyone out there think that NBC are a bunch of tossers? If you don’t know what a tosser is, NBC sum up that word with their lack of coverage of the Paralympics and especially their omission to show murder ball on Prime time.

If you’ve had the chance to see anything of what’s been going on in the UK for the past ten days, you’d be totally amazed at the quality of the sport, the courage of the athletes and the sensational participation of the fans at this year’s games, which by the way, close on Sunday the 9th September. NBC’s failure to show any of this sport is a damning indictment of their inability to broadcast what really matters in this world. Their failure to capture some of the best moments I have ever seen on a sports field is a pathetic reflection on their management and dedication to show complete crap to an audience who obviously have nothing better to do than watch repetitively boring and mind-numbing crap from noon until midnight, daily. What is wrong with the management at NBC? What possesses them to spend billions on obtaining the rights for the Olympic games, screw up the coverage of the opening ceremony and then ignore the Paralymics completely? They are obviously ‘under the influence’ and I am not talking about drugs here. I am suggesting that the efforts all the disabled athletes have put in just to participate in London is being ignored in favor of mundane programming because NBC’s sponsors have perhaps shied away from spending ad dollars due to embarrassment and disdain towards such brave and uncomplicated athletes.

Murder ball was invented in the USA in 1971. It’s a form of wheelchair rugby, and boy, is it tough.The US is the best in the world at this game and if you get a chance to watch any of it on, since NBC are refusing to show it, then I believe you’ll be very impressed. It would really appeal to all you clones out there who love that incredibly boring game backed by an organization called the NFL! This is hitting at it’s best and the term ‘murder’ really sums up the attitude of some of the athletes who participate in the sport.

There are so many controversies that have surrounded these Paralympics, and none of them have been reported in the US, other than a few seconds of footage in some local broadcasts. Do any of you remember Oscar Pistorias from the ‘real’ Olympics three weeks ago? Blade runner? Well he’s been participating in the Paralympics, and he’s been the center of a huge controversy with regards the size of the blades that his rivals have been wearing. You see the Paralympics is filled with athletes that are disabled in so many different ways. Most of the races and sports are classified according to disability. It’s a very complicated and controversial process, but boy, are these athletes incredibly talented! The British sprinter with no legs won the 100M in 10.80 seconds. You try running that time with both legs! There are soccer players who are completely blind, playing a game on a full size field and following a ball filled with bells and coaches who encourage direction, and they are superb in the application of their craft, scoring goals from all angles against a goalie who can actually see! And then there are the volleyball athletes who have no legs and no chairs, planked flat on their bums on the floor, playing at a level that has to be seen to be believed.

These are just some of the things you could have witness had NBC bothered to show what they paid for, and what we, the public deserve to see. I salute every one of the incredible athletes who took part in the Paralympics over the past ten days, and as I sit here in CA, in disbelief that we never saw any of the games on our TV sets, I pay homage one more time to those who are defying the FCC and showing illegal feeds on the internet just so we, the public are aware of the huge efforts all of these athletes have endured to be the best at what they do.

PS, As a footnote, I read today that the IOC is going to investigate NBC and some other of its broadcast partner for their lack of programming during the Paralympics. All I can say is, it’s about time!

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