Signs Of Madness

Your life, my life, all our lives, everything we do, everything we see, everything we want to be, is controlled by signs. Are you aware that from the moment you get out of your own bed, to the moment you get home at night, and beyond, you are controlled by a multitude of never-ending signage? Signs are everywhere, from the tube of toothpaste you use, to the warning signs in the car you drive, to  all the road signs you choose to ignore. Signs directing you to an exit, to an entrance and to an escape and so on and so forth. The government, and I am not discussing this particular set of imbeciles who are presently running our country, but ALL governments, want you, all of you out there to be controlled, they want US to be controlled and the best way for that to happen is by using unlimited and totaly distracting signage. It’s become a sad fact of life that every step you take on this planet is ‘suggested’ by a sign. Have a good think about this, think long and hard and then offer me any situation where a sign doesn’t come into play? It just doesn’t happen. We have become a planet of sheep, sheep with eyes and a former intelligence. We have lost our ability to react by pure common sense. We no longer have the right to think for ourselves. Everything is thought out for us and if we wander off, we end up either in prison or paying a hefty fine for disobeying that sign. It’s outrageous that we, as a nation, require signs to let us know something as simple as “Touching Wires Causes instant Death and $200 fine” or ‘Tsunami Zone. In Case of Tsunami, Evacuate Beaches” Well duh!!! What’s wrong with us that we have been driven to such blatant stupidity. Is there a lack of trust in the human beings we have become? Why is it that we care so deeply about any idiot who cannot follow a sign as simple as those listed above? Don’t they deserve to suffer the consequences of their actions?

Having traveled all over the planet, I would like to share some memorable signs that I remember seeing, some that beggar belief, in the hope that we can all start an anti sign campaign and rid the planet of all these farcical mind numbing monstrosities.

Airport security in Hangzhou China. ‘Sorry for Delay, All Staff Taking Nap’

Railway station in Memphis TN. ‘Please Do Not Drop Cigarettes On The Platform. The Cockroaches Are getting Cancer’

On the side of a field in Pennsylvania. Thank You For Noticing This New Notice. Your Noticing It Has Been Noticed’

Sign at top of hill near my house. “Caution, This Sign Has Sharp Edges” and in small print underneath,’Do Not Touch The Edge of This Sign’

And one of my very favorites, at SFO airport, next to all the courtesy phones, ‘Lift Phone For Use’

How stupid are we? Seemingly very stupid! When you are next out on the road, take a look at some of the street signs. We are bombarded with “Do Not Enter”Left Turn Only” “No Turn On Red’, which by the way, most people tend to ignore. Even on the streets themselves, there are always cautionary scriptures written in the most unusual way. ‘Ped Xing’ What the fuck is that? And it’s always written backwards, so you see the Ped underneath the Xing! When in any normal language, it would be on top? The last time I checked, we, as a nation, read from top to bottom!

Then there are the silly signs in supermarkets. One of the very best was in Safeway, here in my hometown in CA. There was a counter filled with boxes and boxes of eggs. Above the counter in bold black writing was one word. Unbeatable! There’s the Self Service check out, that’s always manned because it doesn’t ever work properly. The Starbucks with it’s Tall, Vente, Grande, sign for coffee. Just give me a fucking cup with coffee in it! The DMV, with a sign, ‘All Non English Speakers Form a Line here” Well, if you can’t speak English, how can you read the stupid sign in the first place and then more to the point, if you can’t speak English, how do you read the fucking road signs???

It goes on and on and on. We are manipulated, calculated, decimated, discriminated, discombobulated and irritated by all the signs that surround us. When you read this, then start to look around, it will hit you, I promise, right smack in the face. You will wake up, realizing that even the disclaimers, which appear on everything, are designed to control how you buy, how you sell, how you react to every product you want to purchase, every road you want to drive down and every dollar you want to donate. Like the sign says, “Will work For Food, As Long As The Expiration Date is Indicated”

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