Should Mitt Shut His Mouth?

Is Mitt fit to be the President of the United States? Can anyone who makes so many gaff’s be considered a serious contender? Well, are they really gaff’s or is he just telling it the way we all really see it, but are frightened to say it? In this, the age of political correctness, should we be refreshed by a candidates honesty, even if it was an off the cuff remark made outside of his every day press conference and when he believed he was speaking in private? What Romney has said is not that bad, nor is it too far away from the thoughts of the majority of our population here in the US and in the countries he was discussing. Why then is everyone so ‘up in arms’ about his lack of tact? Isn’t it about time someone stood up and told the truth and reiterated the feelings of the majority? Of course it is. The only people who can be offended are the people who know what he is stating are actual facts! They are running round like headless chickens just because Romney has the will and the guts to let the world know what he is thinking instead of playing this political BS game, in the hope that compromise can be achieved with people who refuse to ever face the possibility of reconciliation and peace! Diplomacy can only go so far. Sometimes the direct approach is more worthwhile. Well done Mitt. Tell it how it is, not how all these pussy faced politicians want it to be, just so they can keep their jobs and their reputations squeaky clean! . They are all living in the dark. Peace cannot ever come to pass with those who run shy of making that peace ever happen, so why piss in the wind? Just carry on Mitt. You might never be elected, but you get absolute respect from this writer for telling it the way it is.

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