You’ve seen the signs? The one’s that litter every street corner at this time of year. ‘Joe Blogs for Town Council’ ‘Elect Harry Briggs’, etc etc. Every time I walk my dog, there seem to be more than just a few of these annoying sign posts dotting out delightful landscape. And, if you take into consideration all the TV advertising for every ‘Prop’ under the sun, the bumper stickers, the badges, the mugs, pins, key chains, et al, and you do the math, very simple math, then ask yourself one very simple question. “Where is all the money coming from to pay for this?” Aren’t we supposed to be in recession? Is our economic outlook not bleaker than bleak? Yet, here we are, three weeks from an election, and candidates are spending millions and millions on promoting their own self-importance, rather than giving the money to someone in need. A very simplistic thought, I hear you say, but look at what is happening around the country and take stock of what all that money could do for the greater good rather than for the good of the great, or not so great, as is often the case. It’s appalling that we blow so much cash on an event that lasts not just one day, but really a matter of hours. An event that dictates the future of how more money could be thrown away, saved, or just plainly squandered. Government! And here we, the every day Joe public, are faced with little choice but to watch as those who have decided to run, spend, spend spend, without any care for anything or anyone, other than their own self-importance and ambition to be elected into office, an office of any stature. Look at Obama and Romney. Over $1.8 billion raised. What could that amount of cash do to raise the hopes of so many who have nothing?

It’s ridiculous. It’s obscene and it detracts completely from any attempts to bring parity, to an election where a man without money, but with great vision and ideals, can be beaten by another man who has no vision, no ideals, but has plenty of cash to get his name out there in front of an American audience, who, let’s be quite honest here, really have no clue. The last presidential debate proved that beyond any shadow of doubt, the average voter in this country is blinded by razzmatazz and not the issues that really count. My case in point. Obama and Romney both debate for an hour and a half, and then, at the end of the debate, covered by all the main TV networks, each station has the audacity to bring on an expert who could tell us, the watching public, which candidate told lies and which one told the truth. Are we that stupid? Yes, we are, and so are all of the people who claim they have policies that matter. The facts are clear. Nothing matters to us, the American people, other than who looks better, and who puts the best spin on politics that are so obviously similar, obviously dated, and very obviously contrived. I noticed there were more tweets on Big Bird than on our economy. That’s a damning indictment of just who we are as a nation. All the talk shows paraded Romney and his family as their cover stories the next day, but not one was prepared to tell us how many facts were accurate in his speech and not one came close to telling us anything other than how much money he was raising due to his debate ‘win’. Sacrilege!

I started by telling you all how my streets are littered with senseless banners for local and state politicians, every corner telling a different story. But who are these people? And more importantly, why would you or I ever vote for them? Are they hopeful that when I fill in my ballot paper I will remember their names from the signs they have posted? Obviously they are, because none of them, not one, has ever rung my door bell, appeared on my local news station, explaining to me, what it is they are standing for and why they are standing. Yet, we, as the public, will mark a bold X next to one of their names come election day. Stupidity in motion! Same applies to all the ‘props’ on the ballot. There are so many for’s and against’s out there, how do you know who is telling the truth and who isn’t? Again, it’s all down to money. Money matters. The more you have the more chance you get to publicize your own cause. Ridiculous! There has to be a better way than this. A fair way, and even field for all candidates, and propositions? Has anyone ever thought this through or are we all consumed by raising billions of dollars and then wasting them on promoting the good and bad behind labeling for GMA foods, or keeping jobs in CA, jobs that are not even leaving the state? I’m sure you all have your own issues in your own states, but they cannot be that different from what we are going through here in CA. Let me know the best and the worst, the most  insane and the most sensible. My ears are open.

When it’s all over and the results come through, sit down and have a think about all the money that was just wasted to give us 2 more years, or 4 more years of exactly the same as what we’ve just been through. More props that won’t work, and more that will never see the light of day, that might have worked. Local candidates who might now do no good in the position they have been elected to and more who would have been fantastic for your district, but never won because they were unknown due to lack of funding. No matter what, billions will have been wasted, billions that could have funded more education, more health care, more food for the hungry, more road repairs, more of just about everything we really need, other than just another attempt by hundreds of greedy, power hungry political wannabe’s vying for their 15 minutes of fame, just so we can suffer more of the same!

My ballot paper just arrived, in case you didn’t know, so I am off to walk my streets to see who has the fewest signs so I can vote for the underdog and possibly implement a complete change in direction for the town where I live.

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