Left Of Right – Click Link To Listen

Left Of Right_01         Click blue link on left to listen in.

To the left of right and the right of center, but never in the middle

Confusion, condemnation and consternation, compounding cooperation

Leaving no room to breathe in a less than breathless competition

Filling days, nights and all things that are not nice, with clouded judgment

The dark side of the light side, inside and outside, never the right side

Polished, rehearsed, contrived and always false, the truth with many lies

Sparring, fighting, each corner filled by spit and polish, but to no avail

Taking a beating, standing up, sitting down and always before a continual ten count

Never shamed, never blamed, rarely accepting and decidedly receptive

All in favor of more of the same, without thought, without care, without remorse

© Alan Zoltie October 13 2012

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