New York Marathon

Thank goodness Mayor Bloomberg saw sense and canceled the NY marathon. Looking back at the disaster that Sandy has become, how could he have possibly made any other decision? I was supposed to be in NY today, and I canceled, and having spoken to all my friends who live there, apparently it’s like a war zone. My friend Lee told me that the streets of Manhattan are filled with people carrying suitcases, going nowhere. They all want to leave, but they can’t. She also reported that her house in Queens is filled with friends and family filling up containers with fresh water, because she is one of the few who still has running water. I’m sure things will improve over the coming days, and I hope there is no more loss of life, but what on earth was the Mayor thinking about when he told the world the marathon would go ahead? I for one am all for getting thins back to normal as soon as possible, but the resources required to ensure that a silly 26 mile jog can happen, are far out weighed by the need to help normal every day people get out of the mess in which they now find themselves. All of those who are selfish enough to complain that they have trained for months and perhaps longer, just to run this idiotic event, need to look at themselves very closely in a mirror and ask one simple question. “Is my competing in a run over 26.2 miles more important than trying to help someone who has lost a loved one, a home, or even just their dignity?” The answer surely is a resounding NO.

To all you, ‘athletes’ out there, and believe me, there are very few of you who run this event seriously, most of you are just joggers, as I intimated earlier, look into your hearts, find the courage to go and help those who need it, forget about running 26.2 miles, and remember, if you really need to, you can go and perform this pastime any day of the week you desire. These people on Staten Island, in Queens and on the Jersey shore, have had their lives ruined, FOREVER. If all 45,000 of you marathon entrants picked up a plastic bag, a shovel, or just decided to show up and help someone in need, perhaps, just perhaps, their lives and yours would be more fulfilling, if only for that short period of time that your selfishness was put to one side in favor of selflessness.

OK, enough said. I am off to run my heart out in the hope I can run in NY next year! Only joking!!


No Bananas Today

What, we have no bananas, and no fuel and no idea where we are going

We are lost, discarded, deserted, left to rot

But yet, we are on TV, radio, the Internet and every other newspaper in the world

We cannot eat, but we can scavenge for food, and, it’s free

Made to suffer, with all who care, carelessly abandoning us in favor of publicity


Our belongings, our homes, our lives, all in tatters, our minds left with dreams

Spread across miles of sand, acres of destruction, fields that are no longer green

The dead, pulled from rivers that never existed, and that now meander through the living

With no respite, no way out, little assistance, and so little to remember

There are no bananas, but there will be a marathon, all, just for show, all to save face



© Alan Zoltie

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