Obama Time

Let’s all balance the budget, let’s all do it now

I’ve been re-elected, no idea why or even how

It’s time to get together, it’s time to cross that aisle

We need to fix this country and do it with a smile


Deep shit is where we find ourselves, this is not paradise

You can see it in their faces and tell them no more lies

So now we should be careful and operate as one

Before that next election and before the Republicans come


Just one or two small sacrifices, maybe three or four

Don’t balk when I remind you, that this is now a war

We need to fix this quickly, we need to pray it works

Time is running out now and our duty we can’t shirk


Trillions, I remind you, no wait, it’s so much more

No matter what the real amount, let’s not shut that door

Come and talk, I’m the President, come today and speak

Just be sure to say the truth and not that tongue and cheek


So this is it, it’s D-day, we have to act today

Not tomorrow and not next week and certainly not in May

Make it happen or make it not, but make sure you give me praise

All I want for Christmas is a deal and not a raise



© Alan Zoltie

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