No Money

imagesHow do you survive without money? How do you do things that you love, and how do you do things that are quite necessary? Very good question, don’t you think? The problem is, most of the USA is doing just that. They are living from one day to another without money. Society and the country itself, are living on borrowed money, borrowed time and are borrowed to the hilt in the hope that things change. OR, some people without money just sue other people who have money. And how do they do that you might ask? They find a sympathetic lawyer who sees nothing but cash register dollar signs when he looks in his mirror or into the eyes of his client and the end game starts before it even begins. There are so many frivolous law suits in our courts today, that the system is backed up for years. And the problem is, no one cares, no one will do anything about it and this ridiculous system allows anyone to sue anyone else for almost anything under the sun. No wonder the USA is so fucked up! And it’s becoming the same way in the UK. Some of the law suits I have read about recently beg for only common sense to find resolution, and not millions of dollars in legal fees, years in and out of the court system and then arbitration and a negative result for plaintiff and defendant, after blowing all the money they have on this planet in the hope of major gain. Yes, American’s are really stupid when it comes to legality and the fact that the whole system allows for such a litigious society, baffles me beyond belief. I don’t nor will I ever claim to know much about the lawyerly world, but from what I have read, and what I have experienced myself, some situations which have arisen in this country and again, I am giving my own personal opinion here, are worthy of a second look just for clarification regarding their stupidity, and some are worth of a movie all to themselves.

Examples of the ridiculous.

I read that a woman took her brand new RV camper van out for a tour of the United States. She hadn’t gone too far when she decided she wanted a cup of coffee from the kitchen at the back of the RV. After placing the RV into cruise control, she left her drivers seat and walked to the back to make the coffee. Crash! She eventually sued the RV maker for not telling her in writing that when cruise control is switched on, you DO actually still have to be behind the wheel controlling the vehicle! Duh!!!

A thief was breaking into a home, He slipped and fell on a loose roof tile, whilst attempting to enter through an attic window, and sued the home owner for not having his house in proper physical shape and that the tile on the roof that was missing created his mishap!

A man walked into a bar, picked up on a women with whom he began a relationship. She wanted a kid, but didn’t want to get married. After dating him for several months, she asked him is he would be the surrogate father. He agreed. They drew up the paper work stating quite clearly that he would have no financial or physical relationship with either her or the child. They had sex, she became pregnant and they split up. Four months into the pregnancy, he was served with a law suit claiming that although the lady had agreed not to receive any financial compensation  the unborn child had rights too, as the unborn child had no say in the original deal, that child was entitled to sue for compensation!

And finally, my favorite. Man walks into bar, picks up woman, and they go to her place and have great sex. The woman wakes up in the morning and cries rape. She decides to sue the man,and in court, agreeing that she was consensual to the intercourse,  she declares quite openly that she was bi-polar and her other personality had NOT agreed to fuck him!

Anyway, there are too many other examples to matter. The fact is, that if all these money grabbing lawyers and cash hungry clients, who by the way range from the wealthy to the penniless, were persuaded from going legal, this world might be a better place. Just look at the Ad’s that adorn our TV sets every night.

“If you’ve had an accident, call ME, because I will get you millions of dollars just by phoning 1800 DO ME.” It’s so stupid, and the problem is, a lot of people out there are drawn to the glitz and glamour that shows like LA law, The Good Wife and all these other Hollywood blockbusters portray. Everyone thinks they can become rich overnight by suing through our incredibly crass legal system. It’s pathetic. What ever happened to ‘get out of bed every day and work?’ Now I know there are many GOOD reasons to take legal action, but surely there are ways for the system to weed out the good and the bad law suits? The frivolous and farcical should be binned, or just sent to Judge Judy for an adjudication. At least that way we would be entertained on TV with endless nights of next door neighbors or brothers and sisters suing one another for dog poop on the lawn or for money they borrowed and will never pay back. Life is too short. Life is now too stupid. Life has become too litigious and finally, life is just one big court room for too many who should leave judgment to God, when they eventually get to heaven!

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