NRA- No Reasonable American

imagesEvery time I watch the news and I hear those three spine chilling letters, NRA, my blood curdles. I do fully understand the 2nd amendment, probably a lot more than any of you reading this blog. I took my citizenship course, and passed, just three years ago, so I do know what it means to have the right to bear arms, but I am totally flabbergasted by the ignorance that often surrounds this right, and the incessant bickering between those who feel it is their God-given right to own a gun, and those who do not own a gun, (or perhaps do and just don’t tell), and their opinion that God gave no one any right to do anything but live in peace.

The NRA state clearly that it is not guns that kill people, it is people who kill people. What nonsense! People WiTH guns kill people!

I remember growing up in Scotland and being addicted to Western movies. John Wayne riding into town on his horse, finding the bad guy, standing in an open street, quick on the draw, and bang-bang! It was all over. No blood, no guts and everyone cheered for the good guy. Fast forward ten years or so, to Clint, and Dirty Harry. Same scenario, different setting and era. All in the name of entertainment. Today however, things seem to have changed, and changed in a bad way. The amount of gratuitous violence shown in the movies, on TV and in video games, seemingly always slated by the press, (who, by the way, are more hypocritical in their bias coverage of such issues than most, adhering rigidly to their ‘holier than though’ attitude), whilst being mildly entertaining, has to bear some responsibility for the carnage we have been watching unfold daily on our streets. There are more people killed by guns in the USA each year, than the whole of Europe, and Asia combined! Why is that? We are surrounded by gun carrying maniacs. That’s why! It’s very simple. Simple enough. Take away their guns and you take away their need to kill, or be killed. How can it be any different?

Growing up in Scotland, we had no guns, we had knives and fists, but no guns. And then one day, in 1996, it all changed. Some idiot, walked into a school in Dunblane and shot the place to pieces. Why did he do this? No one will ever know, but look at the facts. He had a gun. Take away that gun and give him a knife, how many kids would have died? Gun law in the UK is tightly controlled and it boasts the lowest rate of fatalities from gun shots in the whole of Europe and an amazing ten times less per head of population than the USA. So, with all that said, why doesn’t someone just change the second amendment? Are the politicians in this country too stupid to see common sense or just too scared that they might get shot if they speak out?  Whatever the issue is, the solution is so simple. At least in my opinion it is. If the 4 million NRA members and the other 200 million people who own guns could all guarantee that no psychopath would walk into any cinema, school, or place of work, with an assault weapon, hand gun or anything else that fires a bullet, this country would be a happy peaceful place. But, the fact of the matter is, we cannot guarantee such a fact. There are too many sad sick people walking our streets, and through every fault of our own, and I mean every, we make it too easy for them to walk into any store, buy a weapon and shoot people.

I have outlined in a previous blog the simplicities of purchasing a gun, even to a complete novice, in the USA. We have to take note and tighten up control. The US is a huge country, and I personally have no aversion to those who want to shoot for sport or for fun, but I do have complete disdain for gun violence, as seen in gang warfare, drug warfare and general psychological warfare, which would be easier to stop if gun control was implemented in every state. Why does everyone who shoots up schools and cinemas etc, have this deep desire to be like Rambo anyway? What is it that drives another human being to enact such carnage and then take their own lives? Perhaps if we put more time and effort into determining what drives these people into such acts of desperation, this country would be a better place to live. Perhaps if we spent more time and more money on educating our children, these kind of situations would be few and far between? I am not naive enough to believe that we can fix the issue with a 100% success rate. No, there will always be the exception to the rule, but if we make it more difficult to obtain the catalyst, the main culprit, that semi automatic gun, wouldn’t you think that along with more education, things might change and the momentum that this violence has created, might just swing in favor of more peaceful times?

No matter what happens with this current administration, guns are not going away any time soon. We are stuck inside this bubble that is filled with violence, mostly indiscriminate. We are surrounded by this need to possess weaponry which can rip the heart out of anything that moves, animal, mineral or vegetable. We all seemingly have a desire to be John Wayne or Dirty Harry, but at the end of the day, what would it take to make us all believe we are safer without our guns? What would it take to repeal the 2nd amendment so that the children we have can go to the mall safely, play in school without fear of dying and go to college to study instead of being shot at? You, as Americans, can answer that, you as the people who are suffering can change it, but you can also choose to do nothing and watch as this situation deteriorates into more senseless killings as each day passes. Did you know there were more deaths by gun shots in Chicago in 2012, than in Afghanistan, where a war is raging? Do we really want that trend to continue? Do we want to read statistics like this year in year out?

And so with all said and done, I end on a lighter note.

A Jewish boy was having his Bar-mitzvah and his friend Fabrizio  an Italian of the same age, was having his confirmation that very same weekend. On the following Monday morning, after both events, the Jewish boy, Chaim, walks into school with his new gold Rolex on, and Fabrizio walks into school with his new Uzi sub machine gun.

“Hey Chaim” says Fabrizio, “I love that Rolex, and I always wanted one”

“I love your Uzi, and always wanted one of them too”

“Wanna trade?” Fabrizio asks.

So after they exchange and school is over, both boys go home, pleased and happy to have received the gifts they really wanted.

Fabrizio walks into his home, which was owned by the local Mafia Don, his father, Giuseppe. He walks in the door and his father stares at his with both eyes showing nothing but fury.

“Hey Fabrizio, where is your Uzi?”

“Papa, I traded my Uzi with Chaim. It was his Bar-Mitzvah at the weekend and he got a gold Rolex, and he wanted the Uzi and I wanted the Rolex.”

“Fabrizio, sit down. Let me tell you, when you are older, and have a girlfriend and then get married and go to work, one day you will come home and your wife will be in bed with another man, what you gonna do? Point the Rolex at him and ask him how long he’s gonna be?”

There has to be a responsible group of Americans out there who are prepared to give up their fear and speak out against all those who preach guns and more guns. There must be someone bold enough to take that lead. Is it you?

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