Are Americans That Dumb?

11908881-word-on-bronze-ornamentAre Americans that dumb? Answer, YES, a resounding YES! To my American born audience, sorry to be so blunt and insulting, but it’s true. You are ALL, at least the vast majority of you, stupid beyond belief. Now, having said all of that, and remembering that I too am now an American by citizenship, or default, however you’d describe my current status, lets discuss what’s going on in this, once magnificent, country.

At the weekend, I sat and watched in horror as that ‘ditz’ Sarah ‘I have no fucking idea’ Palin, got up to talk at a conservative gathering on Saturday. She was lauded by her many fans, most of whom, are as stupid as they come, sensing that, (oh fuck), she might just take a run for the Presidency in 2016. Her scripted oratory was so obviously drafted by some genius intern, with whom Mrs. Palin relied upon to enhance every Republican voter’s inner belief, that she, and only she, is capable of reuniting a party in complete disarray. Can you really see anyone out there in LA LA Land, voting for her? Yes! Yes, unfortunately, I can, and with that thought, I fear that we will all have to ‘run for the hills’ should the unthinkable actually happen. Whilst all those other possible candidates are fighting amongst themselves for much needed support to unify the Republicans, Mrs. Palin seems immune to the multiple gaffs she made during her failed and often disastrous attempt at being a running mate to John McCain in 2008. Most of our populous, including Hollywood, (who made that horrible movie, Game Change about Palin and McCain) seem oblivious to Palin’s complete ignorance and inability to grasp simple, basic facts regarding home politics, and more importantly, world affairs, thus aligning their own inabilities to reconcile with an absolute outright fact that she is a complete buffoon and a liability to a party already in deep turmoil.

I have never met Mrs. Palin, so perhaps I am doing her a great disservice (I doubt it) by slating her in this manner, but, in the cold light of day, do you, the American people, really believe anything that comes out of that dumb and often over exuberant mouth of hers? Yes! Again, YES you do! Which is why, and I reinforce this statement with absolute facts, you are all so stupid! She is a lady surrounded by clever imbeciles, (and that’s an oxymoron if ever there was one) traveling on a path to the White House that can only end up being a disaster for all concerned, especially you and me!

Possible conversation between Mrs. Palin(once elected President) and Mr. Miliband, possible future UK Prime minister.

“David, how nice to meet you?”

“Sarah, I am Ed, David is my brother”

“Yes I’m sure he is David. Ed, is the talking horse, such a yukky name David”

Confused, Ed Milliband begins trying to make polite conversation, “So, Sarah how are your kids and your husband?”

“I can’t remember David, they left me when I moved into this big new white house.”

“You mean they didn’t come with you after you were elected”

“Oh no, David, I won’t be erected until I die and they can afford the statue”

Seriously, that’s how stupid she is.

Then there’s the other side of the house, the Democrats. Now, behind a newly elected Obama, stand a multitude of moronic impersonators, all willing and able to be as ignorant and useless as their newly ordained boss. Just look at Bloomberg in New York. What an absolute wanker he’s turning out to be. Trying to ban super-sized drinks in all stores. Anything over 32oz, must be illegal for health reasons? Fucking clown! What’s to stop people buying two 32 oz drinks instead?? Duh!!! Didn’t he, or any of his cronies think about that before they decided to look as stupid as they really are? Or have we all become like them, too stupid to notice or to even care? And here, in California, our good old Governor, Jerry Brown, famous for……. being a buffoon! He wants to raise taxes again, and all the unemployed or those on benefits, which BTW, is more than half of the entire state of CA, are ready to vote ‘yes’ to anything this idiot says. Well, why not? After all, they don’t pay tax, they don’t want to any tax, so why not agree with Mr. Brown on any matter relating to anyone else but them paying tax? Makes sense? Right? Of course it does. Again, showing us all to be as stupid as I believe we really are.

Obama says the middle class shouldn’t have to pay. The facts are, we, the middle class, ARE THE ONLY ONE”S WHO ARE PAYING! Are you all unable to see that? Are you all that naive? I’m afraid you are. Both sides of the current house are as bad as each another, with no clear resolution is sight. There are huge divides between those who have and those who have nothing, but what most people fail to understand is that most of the ‘have’s’ have worked their asses off to have what they have. Why, therefore, would they want to let anyone to take it away without a good old fight? It’s uncomplicated and in its real simplified format, very easy to understand. If everyone paid their fair share, there would be no excuses for this revulsion towards the rich (a mere 0.003% of the total population). You pay, I pay, would be a fair reflection on how society might work. In the meantime, why are we all so comfortable with ‘you pay nothing, I pay it all’? Because we are all so dumb! You all voted for Obama, or not, and those who did, congratulations, you are now receiving everything you dreamed of, a completely fucked up government and society, where it’s easier not to work and very easy to commit a crime to gain favor and not go to jail. Just look at the lack of Police in San Jose due to budget mismanagement and restrictions! It’s easier to fund a Marijuana clinic than a Police officer.  It’s a disaster, and a war zone every night out there in our, once peaceful, suburbs. The status quo can no longer be tolerated nor can it be effective.

Where does this leave us? Do we accept that Palin and her battling colleagues can get it right, with their ‘tea party’ politics and complete disregard for common sense, OR, are we stuck with the other side and their incredible march towards outright socialism?  You will be the one’s to decide, oh no, wait, you are all too dumb to do that, so I suppose it will be as per usual, and the one who raises the most money will enjoy yet another ‘cake walk’ into the WHite House and to infamy. If this article doesn’t get your attention, then its title needs no answer.

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