Mile High and Dry – A Short Sex Story

She wasn’t particularly attractive at first sight, but as a second glance was taken whilst placing his executive briefcase in the overhead bins, he realized that she was rather pretty, with a possible 36C, (not her row and seat number), jutting out from underneath her blouse! He sat, nodded a brief hello, and arranged his papers and book for the impending 10 hour flight to the west coast of the United States. She returned a smile and they both continued to peruse their respective novels. The cabin doors were closed and he’d already decided that conversation might be difficult with his new neighbor. She seemed engrossed in some serious book about travel in Germany, never looking likely to place it in her seat back pocket, and possible conversation between the two was beginning to look unlikely. He decided however to make an attempt, and without prior introduction, he offered,

“The last time I went there was on a boat from the UK to Hamburg” he said, as he pointed to her book.

“Did you like it?” she responded.

“I am Mike” he said, as he offered his hand.


They shook hands formally. She had beautifully soft skin and a firm handshake. Her loose fitting sweater moved just a fraction as she turned to acknowledge his gaze, revealing the top of her large breasts through a V neck cleavage. She was indeed very well endowed and to Mike, her face just got prettier and prettier as that 777 aircraft hurtled down runway 32 right at Heathrow. He knew at that point, this was going to be a challenge, but a challenge he was looking forward to.

“How long did you stay?’ she continued.

“Excuse me?” Mike replied with a smile.

“In Hamburg. How long did you stay?” She had taken him by surprise, just as he’d begun studying the menu for that day’s delicious airline offerings, stunned perhaps, that she indeed wanted to carry on conversing.

“A few days,” “I loved the red light district” Uttered again with yet another wry smile and a subtle wink of his right eye.

She laughed and continued, “That’s where I’ve just spent the last week of my life!”

“The red light district?”

“No, silly, Hamburg”

They were now drinking, and she was sipping her vodka in a manner that suggested it would not be the only alcohol she would consume on this flight. Her sensuous lips sucking happily on a slice of lime and her tongue loosening as the combination of alcohol and altitude ushered in premature inebriation.

“You don’t look like a lady of the night anyway” he scoffed!

“Wait until I have 3 more of these!” she said casually, whilst pointing to her now empty glass.

Mike immediately felt that he’d crossed that line. The line where a casual hello had become a possible ‘let’s hook up’, and Mike had a feeling that he and Miss Tracy were going to get along just fine. She was busy relating stories about her week at the book fair, where she’d been sent to buy travel books for her company, based in San Francisco, a company she’d worked for for many years and had now become their purchasing director. She’d complained of boredom at night and that while she was indeed single, there had been distinct lack of eligible men available to drink with at her hotel in Hamburg, telling Mike that massage had been her only light relief and even then, as she’d indicated quite clearly to the ‘gorgeous’ masseur who’d been delicately kneading her back, she’d done everything in her power to tempt him to ‘fuck her’ and had failed miserably. Mike sensed frustration and jokingly offered immediate assistance to relieve her of her burden. The direction of their conversation had changed in an instant.

“So how many men do you normally fuck on a business trip?” Mike quipped.

“Only the good looking ones,’ Tracy said, as her eyebrows rose upwards in anticipation, giving Mike all the ‘come on’ he’d been looking for.

“Tell me the truth” he insisted, “how many?”

“Life time total or just business trips?” She reached for her second Stollie.

It was obvious to Mike that Tracy was becoming quite aroused by his directness. He could sense that they might have some fun in the hours to come, and his lower regions were suggeting to him that pursuit of young Tracy could be advisable.

“Life time” he offered


By now food had arrived and upon delivery of her ‘lifetime’ number, Mike’s mouthful of salad, which he was about to consume, was almost ejected onto a gentleman sitting in the opposite aisle seat.

‘You think that’s a lot?” She could obviouly tell by his reaction that he was shocked.

“Who am I to judge?”

“What about you?”


“You married?”

“Long time ago”

There was now a bulge showing underneath Mike’s jeans and Tracy had noticed this. She couldn’t keep her eyes off this encouragement and was determined to play on.

“Ever done it on a plane?” she asked

“Once” he replied, “but that was many years ago and it never quite worked out.”

“What do you mean by ‘it never quite worked out’?”

“Long story” he continued, “perhaps one day I’ll tell you”

“May be better if you showed me” she said with a small hint of a giggle embedded in each word she spoke.

Mike looked into her eyes, asking himself, ‘what can one say to an offer like that?’ He thought at first she was being humorous, but when he looked again at the expression on her face, he knew at once this was a serious offer.

“You can be my after dinner mint, my one plane stand, the experience I missed out on in Germany” Tracy said, in the most genuine of tones, her tongue, once again, licking her most luscious pink lips.

Things were moving along extremely quickly and with entree’s now being served by an overly attentive and certainly curious flight attendant, Mike spoke.

‘Tracy, you need to know something” he was being quite serious and his expression had suddenly lost all of its humor.

“What’s that Hun?”

He couldn’t believe he had become her ‘honey’. 4 hours and 36 minutes and he was her honey!

“I cannot use condoms. I have a latex allergy”

“Hate them anyway, no feeling and the best bit, that warm gushing sensation, is always suppressed.”

“Well,” Mike was hesitant, “how do I know you don’t have any contagious diseases and how do you know I don’t?”

“Mike, let me tell you something,” she paused, “I have fucked more than 70 guys. I am 35 years old. I have never caught as much as a cold in all my days on this planet and if you must know, I use an IUD. So there you have it. You up for it or not? You can’t get me pregnant but you can give me a great ending to a lousy business trip”

She was so very direct, and Mike thought,’this is no ordinary lady’. He was also perplexed. Sitting restlessly in his seat unable to decide if he should go for it and fuck her brains out in the bathroom of this British Airways jet, or if he should just wimp out on the off chance that she might be infected by some incurable sexual disease.

“How about a blow job? he suggested.

“No way, it’s the whole nine inches or nothing at all”

Mike blushed.

Little Mike was now at full stretch. There would seem to be no contest. Time to act was not running out, but there was still nagging doubt. Mike had never been one to judge, but 76 previous men was an awful risk as far as he was concerned, and a risk which needed to be calculated within a fraction of a second, or this offer would be rescinded.

Without further notice his lips were suddenly accosted by hers. Her tongue was performing back flips inside his throat, and his penis was rigid and standing to attention as the sensation from her stroking hand caressed his leg. He knew right there and then that there was going to be lots of monkey business in business class.

Mike was loving every moment of this. It was a dream come true not only for him, but also for the man in the aisle seat opposite, who, by now, was forming his own opinion as to the fruits of Mike’s labor and intentions of Tracy’s grasp.

She whispered in his ear, “let’s put a large smile on his face when we come back from the bathroom hand in hand and physically exhausted”

‘Never mind his face!’. Mike was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Without any further hesitation, they both got up and made their way to the bathrooms, situated at the center of the cabin. She was brazen; Mike had to give her credit for her ambition. She had no concern as to who might witness their double entry into an extremely small cubicle.

With both of them safely inside the one bathroom, Mike locked the door. She unzipped his pants. She pulled out his penis, which by now was like a fishing pole.

“I love a well hung man” she smiled. “You are very large indeed. I have work to do”

Tracy turned Mike around, he was now facing front towards the door, sitting half naked on the toilette seat. The seat was down and there was very little room to move. She quickly took off her jeans and then, facing the same way as Mike, towards a door that had been bolted, removed her sweater to reveal wonderfully full breasts and rock hard nipples. With extreme passion and a huge sigh of fulfillment, she slipped his erection inside her. In a flash, Mike was in a state of ecstatic bewilderment. She was so wet, he was so hard, they were so together. Her movements were very precise and while Mike cupped her breasts with both hands, she writhed back and forth until she came. She repeated this 4 times and then in unison, with a tremendous shout, it was over. She jumped up, letting all the residue fall on a very sticky bathroom floor. She got dressed and casually turned round to lick up the remains from his, now soft, member, and she did so without any hesitation.

“Clean up the mess” she motioned, as she unbolted the door, pointed to the floor, and left.

Mike was speechless. Sitting alone in his 4 foot square cell, his seamen all over the floor and his penis now one fifth of its ultimate performance size. He had no choice.

He spread paper towels all over the floor and in minutes, it had all been cleaned up and restored to the condition it had been in before he and Tracy had begun their afternoon delight. Mike got dressed and left the bathroom pristine, and ready for its next occupant. Unbolting the door, He looked left and then right, and was shocked to find 2 passengers waiting in line to use that exact same room. The poor bastards looked like they’d seen a ghost as he walked quite calmly back to his seat, taking care to nod in their direction as he passed them in the aisle. They’d already witnessed Tracy exiting the same room moments earlier, and so the sight of a second occupant not only confused them, but also confirmed what they’d all suspected, or so Mike believed!

“What did you tell them?” Mike inquired, as his finger pointed back towards the line of curios passengers he’d left at the bathroom door.

“Told them we needed to have sex in a hurry and that room was our only option.”

They both laughed. ‘This lady was special, in an animalistic sort of way’, Mike thought.

“Did you get it all cleaned up?”

“Of course, do I look like a dirty person to you?”

She smiled and said “want to try again later?”

“No problem. I could go again” Mike lied.

Chances became few and far between for a repeat performance, as they spent the rest of the flight consumed in small talk and holding each others hands, a poor alternative for both. At one point, Mike managed to fondle her breasts again and she demanded reciprocation with a quick squeeze of his penis.

Right on cue and sadly, for both of them, on time, they landed and taxied to their gate at SFO. Mike asked her how she was getting home. and without hesitation, she responded,

“My husband is collecting me.”

What? You are married?”

“Goodbye Mike” she offered, and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Thanks for a memorable flight”

Mike sat back down in his seat, letting everyone else exit the plane before him. He’d been too stunned to move. She’d been so sexy, so imaginative and so much fun to be with as they’d had completed that journey in what had seemed to be record time. Then she’d just picked herself up and left with those unimaginable closing words. She was married!

Re-joining the mile high club had been fun, and she had left Mike bone dry and desperate for a repeat performance. As he walked off that plane and through customs, he saw her disappear into a waiting car, lean over and kiss her husband on the cheek. Poor bastard had no idea on what kind of a woman he was married to, or perhaps he did!

















6 thoughts on “Mile High and Dry – A Short Sex Story

  1. I have a little story for you……..probably shorter and better than yours!!

    The Sensuous (and Smart) Wife

    “Have you ever seen Twenty Dollars all crumpled up?”…the woman asked her husband.

    “No”…said her husband.

    She gave him a sexy little smile, unbuttoned the top 3 or 4 buttons of her blouse…and slowly reached down into the cleavage created by a soft, silky push-up bra…and pulled out a crumpled Twenty Dollar bill.

    He took the crumpled Twenty Dollar bill from her …..and smiled approvingly.

    “Have you ever seen Fifty Dollars all crumpled up?”… she then asked her husband?

    “Uh…no, I haven’t” …he said (with an anxious tone in his voice).

    She gave him another sexy little smile, pulled up her skirt, and seductively reached into her tight, sheer panties… and pulled out a crumpled Fifty Dollar bill.

    He took the crumpled Fifty Dollar bill… and started breathing a little quicker with anticipation..

    “Now” …she said. “Have you ever seen $30,000 Dollars all crumpled up?”

    “No way” …he said (while obviously becoming even more aroused… and excited).

    “Well go look in the garage!”…she said.

  2. Your DAD Doesn’t Like Me !!!!!!!!!!!!! And I had dinner with the old Bastard last Thursday night..First time we have seen each other in 25 years. I wis pure dead magic !!!!!!!!

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