Irresponsible Rouges for Sure – I.R.S.

imagesSo these bastards at the IRS have squandered over $50 million of OUR money on parties, dance video’s conferences, and more, for what? They have been found out, BIG TIME, and the full truth has yet to emerge showing the extent of their shenanigans. I am so pissed, as you all should be, that a government agency, and not just any agency, but the government agency we all love to hate, has the gall to spend my tax dollars for events that are so farcical, so needless and so beyond belief, that outrage and disgust would never be words strong enough to explain the disdain I now feel towards them. I am not and never have been a fan of any tax system, but the one in this country is so backwards and useless that it’s disappearing up its own arsehole! And if you take a look at who actually pays their taxes, you, me and only about 30% of the rest of all 150 million people who should be paying, then this folly, this irresponsible behavior that these pricks have managed to slip through our supposedly rigid and secure system, beggars belief and warrants complete internal change and reorganization.

Singling out groups and companies because of their names and beliefs? Well why don’t Homeland Security just arrest every Muslim or Jew,Buddhist, or right-wing Christian because they think they might be troublemakers? Why not? It seems the order of the day that these huge governmental juger-naughts can just do what the heck they want. It’s pathetic. I am paying thousands of dollars a month in tax so some people who chose to work for the IRS can go out and make a dance video at my expense? Don’t they have a conscience? It would be interesting to know if anyone in that video actually pays tax! Are they exempt because they can line dance? Do they attend these conventions just to avoid paying as much as the rest of us? If that’s the case, then I am there baby! I can learn to dance and to drink and party just as easily as they can!

So someone at the IRS will probably read this and I will get audited. Let’s see, what do I have to hide? Oh yes, I remember, the thousands of tears I’ve shed with every dollar I’ve had to pay! Why don’t they stop wasting our money on unnecessary past times and spend our money chasing those who simply refuse to pay tax, or those who are hiding their money in so-called legal off-shore entities to avoid the 50% base rate that would wipe them clean? Where’s the common sense here people? Where is our USA Springtime? Why is it the arab world has all the fun when we, the greatest country on the planet, sit back and just accept everything as it is? We are stupid! We are complacent! We are a bunch of sissy’s, just sitting around being ‘yes’men and women. Shouldn’t we all be annoyed right now? Shouldn’t we begin an uprising to rid this country of all government, all lobbyists and all those who take advantage of our mighty system? A system, by the way, that is absolutely, 100% broken?

Time to go and count the money I don’t have because that dancing squad I’ve watched on TV for the past week have practiced their routine and are off, at my expense, to the world line dancing championships under the banner name of IRS ( Income tax Really Sucks) and so do we!


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