Andy Murray, Wimbledon Champion.








At Peace


At peace now with the knowledge that a true champion is anointed

Made whole by perseverance and dedication, and then, and then that dream

Pounding hard, night after night inside a body that said, ‘I can do this’

Proclaimed by a nation as the man who actually did

No questions asked, though all now answered, finally and hopefully for good

Laying to rest those ghosts who have haunted his relevance and meaning

Being there, if not in sprit, perhaps in person, for all to admire

Now king of a jungle he seemed to dominate in all but crowning glory

Headed towards eternity with a mantle that can never be erased

Pride, his motivation, his desire, and now, his affirmation

Showing off to all those who were doubters that ignorance rarely triumphs

Atop a perch where folklore shall remain forever the only truth

Yes, at peace, one nation, one man, and of course, that myth, made whole by one victory



© Alan Zoltie July 7, 13


4 thoughts on “Andy Murray, Wimbledon Champion.

  1. I’ve hoped for years that Murray would make his homeland proud by winning this most prestigious event. I nervously watched that last game until I couldn’t stand it any more and had to leave. I was happy to hear that Andy Murray was victorious. England has been an incredible ally to America. In some way, I was hoping America was behind him, like I was.

    Having said all that, I was EXTREMELY disappointed in how ungracious Murray was towards his opponent, who accepted his loss with maturity and honor. As is customary, each competitor has an opportunity to speak to the crowd. Murray made no mention of his opponent in his speech. He didn’t even glance his way. I believe if you check out last year’s victory speech, you will see how Roger commended Murray for his amazing play and ability. But, not Murray! It was all about him. Not a single accolade about how well Djokavich played, or a congratulations to him for a great tournament. Nothing, zip, nada!

    Okay Murray, you’ve won your crowning achievement! Now I’m done routing for you! Grow up and learn that the world does not revolve around you. Take note of how others act when they win!

    • Don’t know what feed you were watching or indeed if you were even listening. Here is the interview and he quite clearly refers to his opponent in a gracious manner.

  2. think you are a being a bit hard on the lad , i thought post match interview was spot
    on Winners are created in many forms just think about the steely eyes of Souness Also wort noting that Novak has grown up with Murray they are the best of friends In conclusion its the single greatest sporting acheveiment by a scot ever Wimbledon crowd were superb

    • Richard,
      Maybe I was a little harsh and, as I said, I was routing for him! I met Andy Murray when he was just starting on his road to success. He came to my club and I was the “concierge/welcoming committee”. He was incredibly unfriendly/arrogant/stand-offish and simply made a bad first impression. I think he needs a new publicist and a kick in the butt! His girlfriend, on the other hand, was delightful! So, at least he has good taste!

      I am happy he won Wimbledon!

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