Show Us Your Willy!

imagesI’m amazed, no, I’m baffled, perplexed and insulted that any man can expose themselves in the flesh, not once, not twice, but several times more, and still run for Mayor of New York. It’s incredible how that man is still in the race, in fact, his ratings haven’t altered since his latest brush with nudity, and to top it all off, his ‘poor’ wife is standing by him like the good little lady she is perceived to be. Mind blowing!

How can you, the American public, watch this unfold without laughing, crying or indeed throwing a brick at your 65 inch Plasma TV set? Why do we let these morons run for office in the first place? What is motivating his wife to stay with him? Why on earth would anyone vote for him, ever???

I’m talking of course about Anthony, and I’m not even going to give him the dignity of stating his last name. His sexting escapades have been well documented over the past years, and quite how he’s managed to make this political ‘comeback’ is all down to you, yes YOU, the voters of NY, who for whatever reason are determined to let this idiot be part of their political landscape and make decisions that will affect their lives. It’s not just that he’s addicted to exposure, of the wrong kind, the man is a moron, and unlike some other morons out there who also claim political entitlement, Anthony is a perpetual offender of the worst kind. Watching him on TV last night, cowering behind the bravest of ladies, his wife, I was ready to call up NBC and beg them to take this sick man off my screen with immediate effect. Thinking back though, I was sorry and saddened to recall that Anthony isn’t the first man who has created such political havoc since I moved to these shores, some 20 years ago and I’m sure he won’t be the last. I remember the Jewish joke telling cowboy who ran for governor of Texas, and I just witnessed the Mayoral reelection of a 4-year-old boy in a small town in Minnesota. Then there’s out current governor here in CA, a cad, to say the least. Rebounding from many a scandal to run our fine state, the 5th largest economy on the planet. None of the last three in any way shape or form resemble the inadequacies shown by Anthony, buy hey, it shows you by example who we are as a nation! What the fuck is going on?? How do these people get to where they are, after creating lives that are, to say the least, non compliant with todays supposed morally strong, politically correct work place environments? More and more of the corporations I deal with will not tolerate a joke aimed at any particular race creed or color, let alone have their senior management send sex texts to other employees, rap them across their twisted wrists, and then, promote them to higher office. No, this country has gone completely bonkers!

‘Show me your penis” seems to be the cry that every voter wants to make, and doing so only confirms election or motivation for higher office. Our system is all wrong. I’ve mentioned this in past blogs. Take the cash out of politics and let’s see if the ‘best’ man ever wins. The best man is not always the richest, or the bravest, or even the most good-looking, oh, and why are women never caught up in any of these scandals? Why does it seem that women, elected by us, the public, hunker down and do their jobs without the indignity of having their face plastered all over the press for something they did that was unsightly or miss judged? I take Sarah Palin out of that equation, even though she’s done nothing truly improper, she’s a complete ditz and deserves all the negative press that has followed her for ears. Women are no more morally immune than men are, but time and time again, its men who screw up, men who hit the headlines and men who seem to offer complete disdain towards the office they intend to run for or indeed occupy.

Get off your arse America!!! Speak up. Tell the world that you will not put up with this crap. Gert rid of Anthony before he exposes more or all of his body parts on the Oprah show to a huge hoorah from all those 40 something women watching. After all, she got Obama into office, so why not Anthony? I know Oprah wouldn’t entertain that weasel, but you get my point? Lets not all become the prick following Neanderthals we seem to have become.

With NY his intended prize, Anthony, if elected, can turn the Big Apple into the sexting capital of the world. He can bring nudity to the forefront of politics, right where it deserves to be, and he can do this while the rest of the planet stares in disbelief that we Americans are as stupid as we appear! Get him out now! DO NOT vote for this moron. Wake up America. Speak up America. Stand up America, for what is morally correct!

OK, rant over. I am off on holiday now. I know I intimated this several days ago, but Alaska beckons, hopefully without a Palin sighting!!

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