What’s In Store ?

IMG_4076I’m back! So my friends, what’s in store for all of you who are kindly following all my words of wisdom?
Well, I can promise you the following over the coming weeks.

I will be giving you many good reasons why you should never take a cruise, anywhere!

I will be updating you on the wildlife and issues facing those people living in Alaska.

I have some short stories to post, and one long one. And yes Michael, there will be another short sex story, just for you!!! (You know who you are)

There will be more news on why it’s a great time to go to Scotland and discover it’s hidden secrets. (We need the money over there, but that’s another story!)

I will publish some stunning pictures, all of which were taken with my new camera. (Well worth the money and I hope well worth the wait!)

I intend to do another blog on obesity, backed up with pictures and first hand experience on how people in America cannot stop eating.

And lastly, from the homeless shelter, more first hand account from those who just cannot get a break in life.

I hope you will join me as, together, we marvel at the misery and mastery that has become today’s society. Of course, I value your opinions at all times and I look forward to brief, frank and informed discussion on my blog, electrichaggis.com.



Got an opinion? Let's hear it!

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