Alicia Says It All- Wheelchair update

Its Scottish Alan

Lying on a couch waiting for her chair

Suddenly made aware of a presence

Looking up, beanie hat draped around her head

Surprised, to say the least, but excited

‘Its Scottish Alan!’, blurted out at full volume

Recognition overcoming all her disabilities

Bear hugged in gentle manner

Being careful with the fragility of Alicia’s frame

Happy, in fact overwhelmed by her memory

Months apart, one previous meeting, and now much love

Eternal thanks spread across her huge smile

Life changing events witnessed in person, by both

This week sees the culmination of much effort by myself and some of my friends and colleagues to raise awareness to Wheels On Fire, a charitable organization based here in San Jose CA, which run programs for wheelchair bound athletes of all ages. If you read my blog of two weeks past, Making a Difference, you will know that these athletes require all the assistance they can get from people like you and me. Since I wrote the blog, donations have started to come in, enabling WOF to build sport wheelchairs for kids who would normally be unable to afford one, but who, with your help, will now have a new lease on life once they receive these special custom build sport chairs. We have enough money to help at least 8 more children, but the task that I and the rest of my team set out to achieve, is far from complete. We need your help. Please go to and make a donation if you are able. It doesn’t matter how small, every penny goes towards building a chair for someone who needs it, and there are unfortunately many who still do. These chairs change lives.

Today I went to interview Alicia, the recipient of one of the chairs that I donated last year. The video, unedited, is linked above. Alicia is 17 and is one of the happiest, friendliest and smartest young ladies I have even met. She is confined to a chair most of the time due to a disease that affected her bone structure when she was born. You will see when you watch that Alicia, after receiving a sports wheelchair, has an outlet to play the sports she loves and as she so eloquently puts it, she can be normal, or as normal as is humanly possible, though only because of the generosity of people like you and me who have chosen to support such a worthy cause. Alicia is very excited to play our Bay Blizzard ( softball team on Saturday of this coming weekend, and her father George has even been seconded to act as an umpire. Wheels on Fire would welcome you will open arms if you would like to come and watch or even participate in their volunteer program. No matter what you decide, you have to agree, these athletes are special. They have so much courage, so much thirst for a life that will never be what we call ‘normal’ and an attitude that defies belief because not one of them ever complains.

I hope you can either donate or attend or do both.

Many thanks.

Make A Difference Day_9-28-13

One thought on “Alicia Says It All- Wheelchair update

  1. Alicia is really incredible – so articulate, engaging and full of life. And a great example of the great work Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association does. Can’t wait to see the Bay Blizzard take on the Wheels on Fire. I hope people take the time to donate — even a little donation can make a big difference.

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