And A Dog Came Too

Cindy was her name, carried in a baby stroller, assisted somewhat ably by her owner. Molly, a little old grey haired lady, about 75 years of age, perhaps older, pushed Cindy into the room. Molly was wearing the same clothes as I remember from my last visit just two weeks ago, and perhaps the same as the visit before that. Molly only has one set of clothes and she only had one mission tonight. She had to get her dinner, and feed Cindy too. At the Bocadero center run by EHC LifeBuilders, they don’t feed dogs, only people, but Molly, unperturbed, split her meal with her closest companion, spooning out some ham on a separate plate and then letting Cindy do her best to gobble it up in seconds. Molly watched, looking tentatively at the rest of the food sitting on her plate, which by now was turning cold. I could see by the look on her face that she would have preferred to give Cindy the lions share, but Molly knew that this was her only chance to eat until 5 PM tomorrow afternoon. And so, with a hand that shook and a smile that by now had vanished, she picked up her fork and tried to reason with herself that Cindy was going to be OK with her small ration until they once again frequented the dining hall tomorrow.

Once finished, Molly stood, got behind her stroller and vanished back into the dorm room where both she and her dog would bed down for the night. Molly was grateful to have a bed. Molly was grateful to have Cindy, but most importantly, Molly knows that without the help and donations from people like you and I, both she and Cindy would be lying out on the cold streets of San Jose tonight, alone, frightened and definitely hungry.

Please do what you can 

It’s not just Molly and Cindy. There are tens of thousands of Molly’s out there, not all of them have dogs, but ALL of them have a basic need, the need to survive!

A gipsy woman with her dog in a street of Rome

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