NDBWFOF – Part 4.5

Mike flew back to the US and we agreed to start our new company in January of 1993. I also told him I’d try to spend 2 weeks in the US and 2 weeks in the UK every month. He thought that would be a good idea and so we planned that the first 2 weeks in January we’d try to get going by setting everything up in LA and then I’d ask my UK clientele if their sister offices in the US would meet with us with the possibility of piggy backing on the orders we’d received from them, thus growing our new venture as quickly as possible.

I had 2 months to get the pins up and running before my first trip to the USA. What transpired in the coming months and years was unimaginable but true. We often tell ourselves that life is a journey and life is short so live it to the full. I had a friend called Dave who would tell me frequently that my life my journey resembled “a meteor traveling through space” He would say that I traveled at 5000 miles per hour and left all of this shit trailing behind me without anybody there to sweep it up. I often reflect on his statement and over the years I’ve tried to curtail my enthusiasm to life, and leave less shit behind me. It is not so easy though. You do only live once and you’re dead a very long time so you have to take all the chances you can while you’re alive as you just never know when they will stop coming. One of my biggest failings in life is that I tend to trust everyone I meet. I love people. I like to do things for those who are less fortunate in life. I am gullible to a certain extent but lovable for the most part. It is with this in mind that you the reader when following the events that were created in October of 1992 and the years that followed, all described in this book, can determine how much of a fucking idiot I really was or really am. Be bold be brash be brutal. Rip me apart tell me I am a wanker. Let me know I was stupid. Draw your own conclusions but when you see what happened I bet all of you wish that you too had the chance to do what I did.

How many people can say that they traveled the world and had the chance to meet famous and not so famous personalities from different cultures? How many people can say that they are happy in doing what they do every day? Are you happy getting out of bed in the morning to go to work? Are you happy with your working environment? I’m willing to bet most of you are not. Well I am and I have said it since I was 16. No one on earth has a better job than I do. I may have screwed up on many occasions but in general I am the luckiest man alive so don’t conclude as you delve into the coming chapters that this book is a way for me to complain to you about what happened to me. I am eternally grateful that I was born in this era and that I’ve had chances in life that most people only dream about.

I hate time wasters and hangers on. I am intolerant of intolerance. I dislike bias of any sort whether it is religious or color. Mostly though I hate timewasters. You cannot give back time. This is a phrase I will repeat as we move on so forgive me now because it is my prime hate. Timewasters!  Let them waste someone else’s time, but not mine. Time is so precious. Ask anyone who has fulfilled his or her life already. Ask them where it went and how long ago it seemed since they were in their teens. Ask if they could do it again what would they change and I promise they will all say the same thing. Give me more time!




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