Fuck You Arizona

10507023-hand-show-fuck-off-with-the-middle-finger-vector-illustration-isolated-on-white-backgroundIs the state of Arizona so fucked up that it’s about to disappear up it’s own arsehole?
I just watched an interview between Anderson Cooper and some nut job who’s running for Governor of that fine state. His name? Al Melvin. Who is he? He’s a complete tosser, (read idiot for those of you who are American and unfamiliar with British slang), who was torn apart in that interview and who is supposedly the creme de la creme of the Arizona political process.


Why do these politicians believe they have the divine right to mess with people’s lives and to knowingly and willingly spread homophobia across Arizona, where anything gay or lesbian is illegal?

I wrote the enclosed. I have sent it to Mr. Melvin. The only thing worse that a man like this are the people who vote for him. No wonder the Republican party will be annihilated once again in the next election. With no one to save them and morons like Mr. Melvin in the ranks, they thoroughly deserve the shellacking they will receive.

Get real, grow some balls and become tolerant! We are all human beings, so let’s live like we all care about one another because quite frankly, we have no where else to go!!

Why Not Be Gay

Was there any point in coming out, especially now?

Freedoms are prevalent everywhere they say, everywhere but here

Unmistakably diverse, the need to be accepted, conquered

Or so it seemed

One law, written in jest, but wait,

No, this is for real, so real I have to double check

Arriving at the same conclusion, madness having been set free to mock sanity

In the form of ignorance they stand, all of them

Togetherness of the worst and irresponsible kind, kindling hatred

Brought into force by the right, who are very wrong

Making it easier for the wrong to wrong those who are right

Disgustingly real, disturbingly lawful

Mocked ferociously, but alas, to little avail

Shaping the future by condoning the past, a past which has unfortunately been resurrected

An instantaneous and dastardly attempt of homophobic Nazism

Why not be gay, why not be Jewish, why not be anything you want?
Simply answered by policies that are antiquated

Because you just can’t!

ã Alan Zoltie February 26, 14




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