Screen Goddess – A Short Sex Story

Screen Goddess

“Hi how are you?” said Adam, as he watched her body move slowly back into his world yet again.

“Has life been treating you well?”

She was his and his alone. Her name was Emma, she was tall, sleek and ever so pretty. A true goddess. She had been in his life for over 6 months and he was besotted. Her vital statistics were 36C-24-35. Her modeling career was in full swing, and had been for the past three years of her short life. World famous, well, perhaps famous in the USA and not so famous in other countries, Emma paraded her body in front of millions daily. From lingerie to swimwear and full nudity, she had the looks that most women would die for. Her fan base was extraordinary, but for Adam, he felt blessed that she had eyes only for him and no one else.

“Come here darling” he motioned, “its time to meet daddy again”

He’d been winding himself up all day. 9 long hours in the office and then a business dinner that had lasted far too long. He needed her and he knew that she would be waiting for him the moment he returned to his humble abode. What Emma didn’t know however, was that Adam was seeing other women. She had no idea that this was happening, and Adam had no intention of telling her.

‘Hey I am only 30 years old, I can do what I please,’ he’d reminded himself on many occasions. ‘I have no commitment to Emma other than sexual, I mean we’re not engaged or married, so why not?’

Adam had a list of women with whom he was intimately involved. They ranged from brunette to blonde and even a few redheads. They numbered at least 20, they were all models, each and every one of them. Gorgeous, slim and committed only to Adam. It was amazing to think that he had them at his beck and call and even more amazing that they flocked to see him whenever he was in town. Adam thought regularly, ‘boy I am a lucky man’ and marveled continuously at each and every one of his harem.

“Tonight it’s just you and I Emma” he blurted out as he walked though the door to his apartment.

He was prepared for a long and sexually demanding evening. His dates were all demanding. They were famous models after all, and he wanted each evening to be as sexually fulfilling for her as it was for him. He’d planned his movements all day and now it was time to put into practice the performance he’d craved. Emma was really up for it, he could tell. She had on this new designer dress, one that he’d never seen before. It was perfect for the occasion and she looked as stunning as always. He loved this lady. Emma was definitely his favorite, and he promised himself that one day he would make an honest woman out of her. But in the meantime he had fun to have with her and all the others and Emma would have to take a favored back seat until his mind told him he was ready to be monogamous and settle down.

He didn’t waste too much time. “Emma, it’s been a long hard day at work baby, and it’s time to relax and help your favorite man wind down from all the aggravation he’s been getting at the office”

Emma made no comment, she just started to undress. She never spoke when he was in this kind of mood; she just continued to do the things that she knew he wished for and without questioning his real intentions, performed for him at his every command.

Adam had seen her naked body hundreds of times in the past, and had always marveled at her beauty. She was perfect. Her breasts were round and natural, her pert nipples such a turn on and her shaved snatch, just beautiful, so tight and so pink, and he enjoyed nothing more than to watch her place two fingers inside her glory hole and arouse those juices that made this act so perfect. Emma stood out from the crowd. Adam would tell her, “you know, Roxy and Zoe are the only others that come close to you darling. They have the bodies, but they don’t have your class. You just reek sex, and I am proud, yes, really proud that we can have such a close relationship, especially with all those other guys out there who desire you so badly.’

Emma continued to undress. There were some nights when this process took longer than others. It all depended on the outfit and the physical connection. Adam was so patient but there were times where he just couldn’t wait, and that was when his problems at work took command of his persona. Tonight however he had the patience and he sat at ease in his recliner just staring as Emma revealed one little piece of flesh after another. It would soon be time.

‘I have a question” he stated with some authority, “how do we keep managing to have such great sex and such a great relationship without your husband knowing?”

She continued to strip and he continued to ogle.

Emma had been married to for two years. Adam knew her husband but he’d never met him. He knew everything about Emma, but the fact that she was married rankled him. There was nothing he could do about it. She was committed on paper to this man, but he knew her real love lay in his bedroom. She had told him so, many times in the past. Expressing nothing but joy towards a relationship she craved yet one that she could never commit to, at least not so far. Her husband was rich and famous yet Adam knew Emma hated the notoriety that this brought into her world. She craved peace and quiet that Adam offered. A small home in an insignificant suburb of a quiet little town with no press or TV crews continuously hounding her. Adam knew for sure that Emma had wished for this since she was a child. He was damned if he would let her spend the rest of her life with that rich moron in LA. To date though, he’d never managed to persuade her to change her plans and so here they were, ready and willing to perform together one more time.

Emma was now fully naked. She was sitting with her legs wide open on a chair. Her long curly hair pushed back behind her ears and her mouth wide open, inviting Adam to place his cock in between her teeth. Adam was raring to go. He began to take off his clothes, one piece at a time. He was very deliberate in the way he undressed. He knew what she liked and he was damn sure he was going to give it to her. She sat and waited, never taking her eyes off him, watching closely as his penis went from zero to 7 inches in 2.4 seconds. That cute smile, which had become her trademark in the modeling world, was begging for penetration. She craved this time with Adam, and he with her. Adam realized long ago that from all of the women he’d fucked, Emma was the one with which his orgasm felt strongest. It must be the tightness that he felt when inside her, or perhaps just the feelings he had for her that enhanced his performance. Whatever it was, she definitely eclipsed the other women in his life by a sexual mile.

“OK this is it. Let’s fuck Emma. Come here darling and let the fun begin”

Adam pulled himself closer to her and as he did so his excitement became overwhelming.

“Oh Shit. Oh Fuck, holly shit. I can’t fucking believe that!!!” he shouted. He was livid!

“NO NOT THERE!” he screamed. He was out of control and unable to stop what had now become a massive premature ejaculation, right across his laptop computer screen!  Emma just sat there with that wonderful smile, awaiting his arrival, an arrival that had happened all too soon!

Unable to console himself and desperate to clean up his mess before his computer malfunctioned, Adam ran into his bathroom for toilette roll hoping to mop up his excretion before his key board went into full uninterrupted seizure. He had failed with Emma, he had failed miserably, but he knew that given a 10 minute respite and a fresh internet connection that Holly was waiting on some other dark porn site, and she was the next target for his evening at home, alone with nothing but his beer and his five reliable fingers.

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