How Long Do You Have?

downloadWhat must it be like to sit in front of a man in a white coat, kind of comfortable in the knowledge that he’s the best in his field, knows what he’s doing, and hopeful that today will be just another of many to come? Expecting the worst, yet quietly confident that only good news will come your way. Hesitant, shaking, heart pounding, nail-biting moments that pass in a flash, all seemingly in a blur, forever gone as he spouts out those words that will haunt you day in, day out. “I’m sorry, but you only have three months maximum, perhaps six if your lucky.” How do you respond to that? Do you cry, laugh, shout to the heavens? Do you walk out? Do you stay cool and question his competence? Do you ask questions? Do you just accept this diagnosis and move on, knowing he’s right and you’ll never feel more alone than you do right now? What do you do? How do you react? Well, I hope none of you ever have the opportunity to find out, but sadly, many people go through this each day, some beat the odds, most don’t but they all have to go through this process where a stranger, perhaps not completely strange, but someone they hardly know, someone who’s alien to their world, sits in front of them and looks them straight in the face and says, ‘sorry son, this is it, you’re done for” Can you imagine?

What must it be like to be driving home from a meeting, any meeting, but let’s say a social gathering, one you were looking forward to, one at which you spoke your mind, one where you had fun and lastly, one that would signal the last time you would ever see any of your friends again. To pick up your things, to get into your car, to start that engine, to drive onto roads you have known for years, to arrive at a stop light only to be hit head on by another car, driven by another man who you’ve never met and will never know. To never breathe another breath after that fateful moment. Can you imagine?

What must it be like to get ready to go to bed, shower, brush your teeth, open up the covers, snuggle under those same sheets, decide to read a book, then turn on the TV, watch your favorite show, feel dizzy, then earth shattering pain, and then nothing? Nothing ever again. Gone, just like the other two, only in the briefest of moments. Taken by nature, God, or whoever else you believe in. Taken away to a better place, a worse place, a great place? Or just taken and placed as another stone in a wall that will never stop getting higher.

Imagination holds no bounds, until it comes to the inevitable, and even then, it seems to most of us that the inevitable is almost impossible. So far-fetched, so unbelievably far away, that we become blaze (read blazay) in the hope that we are invincible. Something that, of course, we also know is so far from the truth it’s just frightening. The fact is that no matter what, we will all join our God at some point in our lives and then demise. The point is that while we are on this planet, we are so consumed by the rigmarole of what we do on a daily basis that most of us ignore completely that absolute certainty that one day no one will even remember who we were or why we were even born. The fact is, we are all nothing, we are all just a microcosm in an entity we do not understand and that we will never get to know. We are but a vehicle to continue pushing the theory that life means something, anything, anything at all, in order that belief remains in the headlights of those who think they know better than we do, until it really matters, and it only matters at the very end, when it’s too later to try to change.

Perhaps while we, as human beings are on this very small and fragile planet, should behave differently? Perhaps if we realized that not one single person, not even an astronaut has ever died anywhere other than on this planet, then perhaps, just maybe, we might wake up and realize that our lives are meant for sharing, our time for giving and our demise for celebrating the fact that we made someone else’s life happier because we were part of it? Perhaps with a little less time spent on materialistic belief and a lot more on love and comfort for those who have less than us, whether that be food, possessions or just plain time, it would benefit them to the point of having meaningful relationships with a planet that they feel has sold them short and delivered them unto evil instead of exaltation. Perhaps all of this is nigh on impossible, simplistic, naive and immature, but then again, perhaps it’s not and just perhaps some of you out there will wake up and take action before the man in the white coat, that reckless driver or a sudden fatal last breath make it too late to achieve what is, in my own humble opinion, very real and very possible, the only reason we can possible be alive today, to help one another through the worst and into very best of all possible situations. To love, to hold to cherish and to care. To share good fortune with misfortune. To understand, we are nothing more than a last breath. To be human, when humanity really needs us and never ever to turn a blind eye to those who deserve better.

Peace out!

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