Scotland, Yes or No?

downloadI am being asked the same question at least ten times a day right now. Will you vote Yes or No in the election to make Scotland independent from the UK.

1 I am unable to vote.

2 I would vote NO.

3 Please stop asking me.

4 Scotland will make its own mind up.

5 The politicians on both sides are liars and cheats and have no clue what is best for Scotland.

6 I was born there and should be able to cast a vote.

7 Anyone born outside of Scotland who has resided there for the past 6 months or more is entitled to a vote. Stupid!

8 Anyone 16 or older can vote, providing they’ve lived there for the past 6 months or more. Even more ridiculous!

Scotland is part of a United Kingdom, and in my opinion it will always be that way. If on Thursday the vote is a Yes, then I will be offered citizenship from the country of my birth. The question will be, do I really want it?

Got an opinion? Let's hear it!

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