Happy New Year – There Must Be An Ad For That

Who writes that crap? the nonsense we watch every night on our TV sets. Advertisements for everything from Viagra to Toyota to Cheerios, most of which seem to be written by 2 year olds.

Happy new year everyone. Nice to be back again. Another year, another challenge and yet another damming blog on how our society seems to be in an unstoppable reverse evolutionary mode. We just don’t seem to learn. We can’t dig ourselves out of this huge hole called gullibility, seen every morning noon and night on every television screen across the country and heard on every radio station we choose to tune in to. Christmas is long gone, but that moronic and insatiable appetite we have to keep it going still exists. And if it’s not Christmas it’s Valentines, Mothers day, Fathers day, secretaries day or some other BS that Hall mark have decided to make a card for. But I digress.

Commercialism is not in its extreme. We are bombarded nightly with farcical commercials, most of which are for drugs or cars, ALL of which have a song, written for the sole purpose of making aware that it’s not the product we crave but the ability to mimic Peyton Manning or Usher or some other icon, singing or dancing to the beat of desire. Let’s face it, we don’t need 99% of what we see advertised, but being honest, how many of us see Peyton singing ‘Nationwide is on your side’ without words of course, and then go out and ask that company to quote for our insurance needs? How many boxes of Cheerios do you think Usher and that annoying cartoon Bee actually sell? Do you think the deep-throated cowboy on the Dodge Ram commercial actually persuades all wannabe cowboys to go out and buy a truck? Then there’s the couple in the photo booth for Cialis. Do you think he’s getting a boner while he acts that out? And AT and T, what the fuck do you think you are doing? It’s not even remotely funny when you have a guy tapping the wall every time that dumb sales girls says the word ‘win’. Like I said before, who writes this shit?

I once told my son, “if you want to make a million, go into advertising in the USA’. True story. I told him that no one could do any worse than the morons who put together a smorgasbord of crap each and every day of every year of every decade. It’s outright shite! You know it, I know it, and they better know it too. Most of what I see is so child-like, it sad. Perhaps the reason is that the average reading age in this country is 9. Yes, Google it, it’s true. So just maybe they have a brief from up top that they need to cater to that very same mentality, it appears that way anyway.

My very favorite piece of advertising crap is definitely the ad for Tamiflu. Just quite what a large man and woman in a small house has to do with the flu is totally beyond me. I get the gist, large problem when you get that bug, but come on, having a man walk round like a giant to make your point?? I don’t think so.

So take note, sit up and make way for more crap as 2015 unfolds before your very eyes. Advertising is now everywhere, you can’t escape it. I was watching a game from the UK, Chelsea v Tottenham and even the injury time, the time the ref ads on for stoppages at the end of the game, is sponsored by Progressive. Do you think Flo could referee a soccer game or insure football hooligans?

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year – There Must Be An Ad For That

  1. Why don’t you write about the stupid fucking French and their open border to Muslim culture and all of the good that it has brought them?

    • Bob! You’re still around and reading my crap! Good news and a happy new year to you. Keep the comments coming. I must be your only outlet to the free world.

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