How Many Wankers Can Be President?

imagesOk so there’s only 18 months to go, right? 18 months and already they are lining up in their droves to get to the White House. How stupid are we to accept that this next race will take in over a billion dollars in donations, last at least a year and a half and surpass anything ever seen before from a campaign standpoint and all for what? For us to complain again in two years from now that nothing has changed and that whoever is gracing our TV screens every night at that point in time is no better than the last idiot who lasted 8 years and did nothing. That’s exactly how I see politics in the USA. It’s like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, all wind and piss with terrible acting and the occasional drama. Something you’d walk out of if you didn’t know any better, and the truth of the matter is, the public in this country do not know any better! We are blindfolded and blinkered and sucked in by the same bullshit coming from mouths that can do no more than spout out consistent crap about how they will change everything. How can they change everything when really nothing is there to be changed? The system is so flawed, slanted, tainted and subversive, that change of any sort would be impossible no matter who takes over from Obama. We are passing the buck from one lame duck to another without the slightest knowledge of why. People here see those glossy ad’s, those slick commercials, and all the other things that each possible candidate does to make him or her look like they will ‘rock’ when they become President, but the absolute truth is, each one is just a by-product of the machine that runs them. They are filled with insincerity, and a lack of understanding on how we, the real people, feel, and want to be treated. Being totally consumed with power and greed, each possible candidate is on a path to glory that makes no sense to anyone but themselves and the idiots that surround them. This country is completely backwards in coming forward. It’s progress into the 21st century is not only being hampered by a lack of understanding on what we want from those who will represent us, but also from this insane urge to go out and be the biggest arsehole they can possibly be.

Let’s talk about Hillary. She needs no further introduction than that her of first name. How can anyone vote for this liar and cheat? 10,000 emails, all missing, and oh, by the way, they weren’t official?? My arse they weren’t official. What was she hiding and why were they deleted and what else is she hiding from us now that we know there are financial and fiscal irregularities with the Clinton Foundation? And yet, here she is, Hillary in full swing, ignoring her improper conduct and going at it as if she was the patron saint of blow jobs. Why would you vote for her?? Because you are stupid.

Carly, another one name into making sure you know who she is without the addition of any last name bias. A lady who lost over 30,000 jobs during her tenure as CEO at HP, and someone who has never held public office of any kind. Although having said that, it might be a blessing she hasn’t! She’s shown that she has no idea how to run a large company, so how can she possibly run the country? Why would anyone in their right mind vote for her? Because you are stupid!

I’m not just ‘woman’ bashing here, look at the rest of the list! To date, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and now, as of today, Mike Huckabee again!  Do any of these make you jump off your seat the way Obama did in 08 and say, “Yes! I’ll vote for him?” Nope, me neither. All wankers, each and every one of them. And of course even though he promised ‘change’ Obama did nothing. So much for jumping up and down with glee.

So what do we need to do to make real change and deliberate progress and what do we need to do to have a sensible campaign that lasts 6 weeks and not 18 months? The answer is simple. move to the UK! Their election takes place on Thursday for the House of Parliament, and the campaign, although tedious, boring and of course filled with liars cheats and even more idiots, has lasted only 6 weeks. Get in, get it done and get on with your lives! Not a bad way to go if you can stomach it. What could be worse? 6 weeks of British humor where 650 ish members are elected and then sworn in to serve then forgotten about for 5 long years, or 18 months of American madness, where one finalist takes office and looks down upon the rest as mere serfs?

In truth there is only one answer. Dictatorship.


2 thoughts on “How Many Wankers Can Be President?

  1. Its only 6 weeks at most, here. Seems like only 4 weeks. Exciting ‘cos no time to get bored. Still the ‘same’ politicians, but exciting all the same. Just like the public voting for celebrities on game shows.

    • And the SNP wins by a mile! Staggering. In America that would be like the Church of Scientology fielding a Presidential candidate like Tom Cruise and him romping home with a clear mandate to run the USA. Stupid!

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