Success For Harrison

IMG_3549A few weeks ago I wrote an article, Harrison’s Plight, about a friend of mine who was donating one of her kidney’s to her son.

I am happy to report that the surgeries were a complete success and both patients, mother and son, are now recovering well. But the real fight itself has only just begun.

Harrison will probably need five more surgeries before he’s 21. These surgeries are very expensive, complicated and often dangerous. This first procedure was carried out in two stages and in two different parts of the hospital. The surgery on Rory, the mother, was a four hour event that saw her kidney being removed and then transferred to the Pediatric ward in that same hospital. Rory’s kidney was then transplanted into Harrison, a surgery that took even longer than hers. Both patients were at risk during these procedures and now Harrison remains confined to quarantine for the next few weeks to ensure that his new kidney remains stable and free from infection.

The family have begun to raise money for this surgery and all future surgeries though a site sponsored by COTA, and so far the donations have been pouring in. This organization is a fantastic tool for all of those who require organ transplants and would urge you to take a look and if possible, donate a few minutes of your time, to look at what they are doing to assist families like Harrison’s.

We all with Harrison, and of course his mother Rory, a speedy and healthy recovery and a prosperous new life with the miracle that this transplant has given them.

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