2015 In Words


No matter what, it’s always done

Sometimes a chore and sometimes just fun

A review in words of a year gone bye

One that began with much hope then ended in a sigh


Terrorism from the very first day to the last

Nothing but sadness and a real pain in the ass

Refugees also, on a march to find peace

A million plus bodies washed up on a beach


And then there was Donald, yes he with the THE

Insulting everyone from everywhere, no matter he or a she

The idiot of all idiots, no filter and no shame

Finding much to complain about without taking any blame


Well here goes, my summation, though not very nice

I’ll say it just once, and without naming the price

Sadness at heart as we spin out of control

Once again spiraling downwards, our planet just like before


Charlie Hebdo, a massacre, J’suis very sad

So many dead and for what? This was bad

It got worse as the year just rolled into chaos

Kidnappings and killings and destruction in Lagos


ISIS, or IS or whatever they choose to be called

Certainly brutal and so obviously bold

With a seemingly endless thirst for more violence

Their killings and destruction were met with just silence


Then Putin decided enough was enough

Taking his planes and striking so tough

Leaving Obama, the weakling in silence with no power

Preferring to golf and then hide in his tower


It went on and on as those buildings did fall

Not caring how ancient or large or how small

Beheading of woman and children for fun

Machetes’ for entertainment instead of just guns


Jihadi and radicalization becoming the rage

Animals let out of a well-worn cage

Teenagers flocking to join in the carnage

At first a slow jog then a run and a rampage


Paris, well what can we say about that

One sleepy Friday and then rat a tat tat

Falling like flies as they fired their weapons

This was no war but it was pure deception


In the US again, in one school after another

Slaughtering kids now missed by fathers and mothers

And still nobody tries to put an end to this madness

Which is why we are becoming oblivious to their badness


Some high points some low and some that don’t matter

The walls tumbling down on this earth as it shatters

Sporting highlights are lost amongst cheating and corruption

Results that don’t matter and competition in disruption


Cheats and liars and cowards and many who are worse

Put them all on a plane or a train or a bus

Ship them out of this world where we don’t need their kind

Giving the rest of us hope and perhaps peace of mind


With another new year just a few days away

Shorter than usual, but once again I’ve had my say

What can we hope for in a future that’s so bleak?

Perhaps you can tell me if you’d find time to speak


Onwards and upwards and optimistic at heart

You need to be, you have to be, or at least try to be smart

For with time just a passing and perhaps running short

This is the end of the beginning and the time that one forgot.


© Alan Zoltie December 22, 2015










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