What Happens When Trump Is Elected?

downloadFirst of all I would like to thank each and every one of you who read my blog in 2015. I just received the figures and I had an average of 8,000 people a week logging on. Not too shabby considering I don’t publicize it, don’t subscribe to Facebook or any other social medial that might promote it and make it more popular. So, once again, thank you!
I watched the news tonight and then sat back and thought, “What happens if Trump actually gets elected?” Stranger things have taken place, right? Look at Hitler, Mugabe, Charles Taylor and even Obama. All unexpected, all elected, some dictators, some tyrants and some just plain old boring and ineffective. Trump however poses a conundrum. So far all he’s done is bully his way into the headlines, some of his rhetoric so unimaginable crass that even I, who cares little for political BS and more for telling it as it is, have been unimpressed and perhaps a little frightened by the manner in which Trump has become so popular. Slander is an easy way to make a name for yourself, but hate is another thing. Trump is hateful. Yes, he might tell it like it is, he might say what some of us think and are unable to say, but he’s a dangerous political phenom, and someone we should all take heed of when we decide where to place our vote in the coming months. I’ve read a lot and watched a lot about Hitler and his rise to power, and without wanting to compare the two (there are similarities, but I hope I’m wrong) Trump’s march to the White House has me skeptical to say the least when it comes to his actual intentions. He hates women, muslims, Mexicans and every news reporter who doesn’t say something positive to him or about him. He hates all his opponents, he hates his two ex wives and perhaps he even hates himself, but the thing that stands out for me is the way his followers and his political entourage are lapping all of this up and sensing their candidate actually has a chance to win! Are they just mind-blowingly stupid or has he promised them all some of his billions?

If Trump wins, and it’s a distinct possibility, what will happen to this country? What will become of free speech, immigration, the free practice of religion outside of Christianity? It’ll be just like his stupid TV show, the Apprentice. He’ll probably sit behind his desk with his son and daughter, looking all high and mighty, and start world war 3 by calling Putin a poosie and the Ayatollahs rag heads. He’s got that kind of mentality. Believe it! He’s the catalyst to nuclear Armageddon, to the End of Days predicted by ISIS, to yet another Holocaust, and to the end of civilization, if that’s what we have in todays society, debatable, I know! Yes, Mr Donald Trump is scary, he’s definitely different and he should not be elected unless you, the voting public, have a death wish. Again, let me be very clear, I think all politicians are liars and cheats, I’ve always believed that, and I also think that in a weird and wonderful way if Trump had tempered his verbiage and beliefs, speaking plainly and clearly without the continual insults that come spewing daily from his confused brain, he might have made a great leader and taken the USA from the quagmire that Obama has left us all in, back to where it belongs, which is the best place on the planet to live and work.

So think twice when you listen to him and three times before you vote for him or you might just end up regretting that you didn’t fire him before he got the job!

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