Black or White

imagesWith the hullabaloo surrounding Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith’s accusations that the Oscars are ‘too white’, isn’t it time we all got over this black and white ideal that seems to exist only in America? It’s so sad that people all over this country have race as an agenda, black or white, it doesn’t matter, and play that card to its fullest potential on a daily basis. Who cares what color you are? Who cares who wins an Oscar and more importantly, who cares that Spike Lee cares? It’s mind-boggling nonsense. We are all human beings, we are all breathing the same not so fresh air, and we are all going to die on this planet, like it or not. Why can’t we put our dislikes, out prejudices and our bad behavior to one side, even just for a day, and get along with one another. And it’s not just the Oscars, it’s all walks of life where minorities, not just blacks, are suffering. It’s homelessness, drug abuse, the Presidential campaign, soccer, basketball, high school, and it goes on and on and on. It will never stop unless someone, anyone, picks up the baton and says,”enough is enough”, and reminds us, as the human race, that is exactly what we are, a race. We are one, we are or at least should be, all together.

Black people, white people, yellow people, brown people and all other’s in between, led aimlessly by fanatics, troublemakers with nothing better to do than gripe. We all love a gripe or two, but come on, it’s the Oscars, and it’s not life or death. What pisses me off royally is that after Spike you get the usual suspects, those who know they need to make a move, the George Clooney’s of this world, who having listened to Spike and Jada, then jump on that showbiz bandwagon adding voice, an unwanted one in my opinion, to an already ‘out of control’ situation. Why can’t they either lead by example or just shut the fuck up? It’s all just so Hollywood and it has so little relevance, although I know they’d all disagree, to what goes on daily around the globe. There’s injustice in all walks of life. There always has been and probably always will be. I remember when I was 17 and I was in front of two buyers at a company in Aberdeen Scotland, trying to sell them packaging tape, and neither of them wanted to deal with me because they both hated Jews, and even though they didn’t know I was Jewish, they had heard that my company was owned by a Jew. Did I go screaming to the press? Did I heck. Did I call the Rev Al Sharpton or the Chief Rabbi? No of course not. I just moved on.

Change needs to happen, change should happen, and equality as well, but show me change where it’s well deserved not just because of necessity or embarrassment or color or creed. If there were any great acting performances by black actors this year, surely they would have been rewarded? Perhaps there were none, but that’s just a whole other conversation.

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