For All You Liberals Out There

Branco-Trump-and-HillaryHere’s why neither THE Donald or Hillary is going to be the next US President, other than they fact they are both morons. And why you and I, the public, must stop them from ever taking office.

With only 16 weeks left until we all vote and with Hillary in deep shit because of all the lies she’s told, THE Donald, no closer to being Presidential than Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse, who on earth is going to take this country forward and in a direction that makes any sense? Not me, not you and hopefully not either of the aforementioned candidates. We are in real trouble here people and no one seems to care. Or perhaps they do and I just can’t locate them. For all you Liberals out there, we are totally fucked! All you want to do is give money away, give equality to those who do not deserve it and give freedom to some who take it completely for granted. To all you Conservatives out there, well you’re all so fucked up with your religious ‘ holier than though’ attitude that you’re all just disappearing up your own proverbial arseholes. There’s no compromise, no middle ground with any of you and certainly no common sense in any of your politics, no matter what color of blue or red you happen to be.

Fiscal responsibility alongside social acceptability, that’s what this country requires to get back on its feet. But does that combination exist? Did it EVER exist? No I don’t believe it did and I certainly don’t think it ever will unless we do the following.

Instead of going to mass rallies for either Hillary or THE Donald, all contrived BTW, and certainly all made for TV, why don’t you stop, have a think and wake up! Wake up to the facts. America is full of bullshitters. America is the most fake county on the planet. America has lost the plot and America has more idiots in government than any other country in the world. Take last week for example. What the fuck was Nancy Pelosi, a 74-year-old grandmother and a woman who’s had more Botox that last months Playboy Bunny, doing sitting on the floor of congress in her Zebra stripped cat suit, hoping to change a gun law that will do little to reduce the death toll of over 20,000 civilians (yes, Google it, that’s an accurate figure) in the United States each year. Come on Nancy, go home and attend to your grandchildren and leave politics to the young and not the old and decrepit.

And it’s not just Nancy that’s the issue, it the other side too, with their pot-bellied elderly statesmen, spreadeagled all over the news papers and TV, looking like muppets, looking stupid and ridiculous as they try to figure out how to speak and address our nation with forked tongues, whilst surrounded by those up and comers who want on camera to get their 15 minutes of fame. Nuts, all of them, and us too for watching!

Turn it all off, don’t vote, or if you do, vote independent. Do you want Hillary taking more money from you and giving it to those who you don’t know? Do you want to be under THE Donald’s control and sit home every night wondering when he’ll put the button to annihilate us all? Do you think that Hillary will make life any better for anyone other than herself? Do you believe that THE Donald can really build his wall? All of this and so much more will be in YOUR hand come November. Don’t let yourself down, don’t let the rest of us down. Go out and tell Hillary and THE Donald that they’re incredibly useless and tell them to get fucked. Give us someone who has some common sense, some sympathy for us, the people. Give us a normal person, not a politician or a TV personality. Give us hope!

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